Drilldown question

  1. OK, so when I follow the link given in the "Coach FAQ's" thread, I see the picture of the red tote bag, but whenever I substitute another 4 digits for the "5078", I get an error message. Every time. What am I doing wrong?

    I am sure I am having a blond moment and it's something simple, LOL!
  2. not ALL bags can be found on the drilldown...ie - factory bags and some older bags.
  3. Can y'all please post the drilldown web link again, please? I had it yesterday, but can't find it now...I should add it to my "Favorites". Thank you!!:p
  4. Thank You!:kiss:
  5. Out of my sixteen bags I have two that are not one there , it made me sad because I so much fun finding the other pictures