Drilldown page link

  1. I lost my link, can someone share it with me.

    Thanks so much.
  2. I just tried it, but it's not working for me:sad:
  3. I'm trying to look up a coach style # and this link just goes to the homepage. How do I get to the drill down page?
  4. The drilldown page at the *.org address hasn't worked since the new website went live.
  5. Thx
    How can I find out what style my bag is? I have the style number of E7E 4417.
  6. Search "Coach 4417" one eBay or google, search 4417 in the Coach forum here. Sometimes you get more hits than others. Usually there will be a few. Compare the picture with your purse and you get a name unless the bag you find online is fake...).
  7. Or you can ask on Authenticate This, as you did.

    Here is the response:
  8. There is also more info in this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/coach-made-in-italy-44543.html#post7927380

    There is also an "ID this Coach bag" thread where people can tell you about your purse, but I find Authenticate This is more useful for the older bags because the vintage experts seem to be on that thread more often.