DRIES VAN NOTEN - you have some of their funky shoes? pics?

  1. i just discovered dries van noten's shoes. some look ordinary, some are really funky. i love the lilac patent ones. and some of the heels and platforms!

    as you can probably see from my recent post, i just acquired one of their boots. now i am thinking of going back to see if they have some more of last season's stock on sale. what really got me was the heels and the platforms. there is just something about them.

    i looked through the threads and have not found anyone chatting about dries van noten.

    anybody has some of their shoes? if so, can you show some pics to share? i'll try to get a pic of mine when i get back from my trip.

    thanks so much people!
  2. I love Dries Van Noten's shoes, too! I don't think anyone here has a pair, most tPF women swing to the classic side of shoes.
  3. I have a pair of Dries Van Noten boots and let me just say they are absolutely my favorite pair and absolutely stunning. I love their shoes!
  4. I love dries shoes. don't have any but I will def. get some in the near future.