Dries van Noten Pumps/Heels

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am in desperate need of you help! I have been looking for these Dries van Noten shoes for ages, and I can't seem to find them anywhere:


    I don't know the name, the style, the price or anything! It's driving me insaaane! I WANT THOSE SHOES!!

    If any of you have any suggestions (I live in London, so it'd probably be harder for me to find them on a US site as well) they would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. These were stocked at Liberty, however they are from last season so you may have some difficulty finding them now. Perhaps you could try calling the shoe section there and seeing if they're still available? If you refer to them as the white canvas, high-heeled plimsolls they should know what you're talking about....

    I think Browns also had them, so you could try giving them a call also.

    I hope that helps!! :yes: