Dried Yellowish Glue Marks On 05 Stam?? Help!

  1. I just posted a msg on the authentication thread. I have recently purchased an ivory 05 stam from BE-luxe.com who I heard is a reputable seller. I recall a discussion on some dried glue marks on stams but can't remember where and in what context. Does anyone else have this defects on the stams?? :crybaby: I am not going to pay over $1000 for something like this!!
  2. aw! I am sorry to hear that! I've heard also that stams sometimes have glue marks where the lining meets the frame. Is it mentioned in the auction? If not, you should contact the seller and complain, perhaps she will drop a few dollars to compensate you and avoid neg feedback. And if you are unhappy, then definitely demand to return the bag.

    Something that noticeable should definitely be mentioned in an auction!

    Keep us posted on your progress!
  3. hi thithi, so you did hear that this do happen with the stams? wow, this is my first MJ and i must say, i am not at all impressed by their quality control and design calculation. first it was the kisslock (bag kept opening up, frames not able to close totally shut, because the loops where latches for the chain are placed on the same frame as oppose to one on each side, and the bent of the kiss-locks are not angled in the right way so they are too far away from each other when closed), then there was the stiching which came out/off every once in awhile, then there was the not-too-lined-up diamonds along the cut. i mean, other than for cutting edge designs no body else can think of, we pay a lot of money for designer items for their QUALITY CONTROL! as genius as this re-taking of a classic iconic bag may be, over $1000 should buy BETTER QUALITY CONTROL THAN THIS! i am beginning to feel vey very annoyed that i ever laid my eyes on an MJ stam! :mad:

    do you know that i can buy a PRADA ANTIC CERVO HOBO for just a bit more? HAVE YOU SEEN THE ANTIC CERVO PRADA LINE....? if you have, then you know why i am loosing my patience at the moment....

    anyway, how much do you think stam in this condition is worth? under $1000 definitely. i saw that kimmi (a fellow PF-er, it is short for her longer user name, which i cant remember) bought one Taupe 05 Stam in a gently used condition with some minor scratches for just a tad above $1000.

    how much would you pay for an ivory/cream stam 05 with splattered of dried yellow glue all over the frames and top parts of leather?
  4. hi bag punk

    sorry to hear abt yr stam. you can bring it to Le Shine as I mentioned to get it cleaned for about 35 Sing dollars if I am not mistaken. also on the worth of yr stam, it is abit different to compare the taupe I got and the ivory cos the glue can come off from your bag where as the scratches on my taupe can't be repaired. Also, the taupe is a much rarer bag cos it came out only for one season where as the ivory came in a few seasons albeit yours is with the burgundy lining. My taupe has a stain in the suede interior too which I will need to get it fixed. How much did u pay for yr ivory? sorry Ii didn't follow yr auction. sorry to hear abt yr ordeal, i understnad it must feel realy yikey esp since you were looking forward so much to it.
  5. hey kimmi, i asked le shine and they told me that the glue stain can't be fixed as it is the bag's own glue which is leaking out. i am not sure what that means, if it is the bag's own glue it can't be cleaned? i bought it for a few hundred dollars more than yours. this is what i meant, mine should be cheaper, not more expensive than yours! so, mine should only cost me a few hundred dollars. maybe just under $1000. i kept comparing it to other quality bags. i can get a gently used chanel for $800, and a YSL for about the same, great prada antic cervo hobo for about $1500-ish. i paid $1295 for this.... the stam maybe "in" right now, but quality is quality. i do not want to pay for hype...
  6. hi bagpunk

    it may help to bring the bag down to Le Shine for them to evaluate the bag for you cos not to sound mean or anything against them, they are abit blur blur and do not speak English very well and I get lost communicating with them too.

    Is yours used or brand new? And I personally feel it is hard to compare bags cos it is how much you love the bag and how much it means to you. I paid close to retail (1165 includ shipping) for my taupe (it used to retail for 1200 in the first season) which is not perfect cos I love it and it means so much to me in my heart and the place it has in my heart. also in the resale market esp auctions it is really hard to compare. Like the balenciaga girls, one girl paid 2195USD for a used apple green city and another paid abt 1300USD for an apple green city which is the same bag and in a tad better condition too. It sometimes is the luck of the draw but I totally understand yr frustration and disappointment.....i think that glue can come off....with some oil like thing it can be rubbed off....le shine is talking *&^@(@(&(...bring the bag down for them to see it...can u post pictures of the glue stains?
  7. yup yup let me try posting the pics of the glue stain now. i have been into high end (i hate calling it that, but not sure what else to call them) for a long time now, but never been interested in any of MJ's bags (like his clothing though), even when i saw how popular MJ was in NY while I was living there. these bags i am talking about, are just superb in everyway, the cut, the leather, the hardware, the workmanship, and all to the nine... i paid over SGD 4000 (over US$2000) for a bag, and i do not mind it. so i have high expectations of a bag like the stam, that has been sooo unbelievably popular. but with all these design and craftmanship issues the stam has so far.... i am not so sure anymore, even though i am crazy about the stam's style.... i am just sad and angry at the moment that i have to deal with the kind of nonsense that i have to deal with when buying cheaper stuff where quality control is always an issue. it feels as if MJ is dishing us on-trial product design while charging us the price of a fully developed product design. if it is still on trial, the price should reflect that, to be fair. or, hold them back until all kinks are ironed out, before charging US$1200 to almost US$1300 a pop. that is just how i feel. sorry, i am still a bit angry, maybe i should chill for a bit, before i post anything again.

    let me try posting those pics.
  8. the system, said my files are too large. and i do not know what to do about that. so, i cant upload any pics.... not a good day for me eh? anyway, if you have had a sloppy work done on your shoes by a cobbler, well, it is like that. yellowish, orange-y, dried, gum-like, glue, film-like-layer patches. like dried snot.... sorry, cant think of a better description....
  9. you should adjust the setting on your camera, it will allow you take photos with less resolution and as a result, smaller files. I need to get a better look at this!
  10. Bagpunk, I have seen bags at various boutiques (different premium brands) with glue marks on them, I don't think they are defects (not perfect workmanship only). Your Fall 05 Stam is very rare, plus, it's brand new from an established seller. I really don't think that it should be less than Taupe, don't compare and feel bad; the price is driven by demand, it all depends on how much the potential buyer wants the item. Taupe sometimes pop up on ebay once in a while, but I hardly ever see your color (from the same year/season) there. There's a Blush Stam (from Spring 06) with a BIN price of $1399USD on ebay, it's been there for awhile but it'll go when someone wants it enough to pay full price for it.

    1. 'Frames not able to shut totally' is a common problem of Fall 05 Stams. There is no special notch on the kiss lock on Fall & Resort 05 Stams, it wasn't added until Spring 06.
    2. Some Stams don't have lined-up diamonds. Loose stitches around the frame are normal as well.
    3. I have heard of glue marks along the edges of the frame. You can try bringing your bag to the cleaner suggested by Kimmisu to see whether the marks can be removed.

    We can give you better suggestions when you post the pictures, it's hard for anyone to visualize things without seeing them. =)

    You should wait before leaving feeback for the seller, it could just be the Stam itself (not the seller). Can the details be noticed easily? I inspect my bags very carefully when I buy them in stores, I notice things that my SA and good friends don't even pick up unless I tell them.
  11. This problem can be fixed by your local repair shop. If you were to buy it from major retailers, the store would send your bag to their repair experts to get it fixed. That's one of the disadvantages of buying stuffs from ebay, you are not covered for these types of issues.
  12. BagPunk, you might feel better after you look at these listings of Spring 06's Putty Stam. Many factors contribute to the selling price. The more established the seller, the higher the price can be b/c there's less risk to buy from them. Timing is also another issue, it depends on how many people want the item at the time the listing is up.

    1. Brand new without tags. The winning bid was $1725USD
    Why? Many buyers are willing to pay for items from this seller (Personalshoppers) who's established as a trustworthy & reliable source for authentic stuffs. This store's MJ Stams usually start near retail.
    eBay: 2006 MARC JACOBS PUTTY QUILTED LARGE STAM BAG NWOT (item 6889742791 end time Jun-13-06 17:20:48 PDT)

    2. Brand new with tags. The winning bid was $1200USD
    eBay: Marc Jacobs Stam Handbag in PUTTY! (item 120019735835 end time Aug-19-06 21:47:01 PDT)

    Note to those who won these listings (if you are tPFers), I am simply using these as an example. Please don't get offended that your winning items are posted.
  13. hallo hallo. thanks for being so supportively productive baglover. i will try to go personally to the cleaner kimmi recommended this coming monday, i am especially taking time off work for this, as i have to make a dicision before too long to be fair to the seller. the yellowish orange glue marks are so obvious. not so much when carried unless someone hold it in their hands and take a look at the bag from a close range. other than that, it is perfect, which breaks my heart. my dissapointment turned to anger, as i have never paid this kind of money to find something like this. if this is $500, i wont be so upset, but i will STILL be annoyed. i have never, ever, seen anything this bad on any other high end, branded bags, ever, before. for a 4 figure price, i do not think it is asking too much if we want something that is at least near perfection, don't you think? but you are right, demands drive it, and hypes drive demands, and this bag has been so hyped of late, it is almost a pitty. if i can clean the glue marks, i will keep it. it is 9.30 pm here now, so i have lost the sun, and i am going out of town tomorrow and wont be back until sunday night (we are about 12 hours ahead of NY here). will retake all pics with lower resolutions on monday and post them before going to the bag cleaner.

    there is no MJ here, so where do you think we should look to fix this kisslock frame issue? shoe repair people is something i heard in one of our threads here. is that true?
  14. those bags which are sold for those prices are all so clean and without markings...
  15. I am sure that a reputable repair shop can do a good job, you have to ask around for recommendation. Stores here send their bags and their clients to local repair experts as well, I always ask store managers for suggestions on where I should take my stuffs to. Some of the issues you brought up about your Stam are common among 1st Generation Stams. Some improvements were made to them, newer ones might not be as TDF but they are better in certain aspects.

    I have seen and heard of issues with other premium brands too (Chanel, Fendi, YSL, Chloe, Balenciaga, etc). Considering their price tags, the item should be perfect before it passes quality control. It doesn't work that way, there are times where there are manufacturing defects or some other imperfections. I bought a YSL Muse in Ivory earlier this year from Nordstrom (big department store in US), there was a visible yellow/brown spot on the front of the bag that can't be removed; I don't know what it was, but it was permanent. I ended up returning it, but it didn't stop me from liking YSL's bags. I just consider myself unlucky to get a bag that's not perfect.

    Good luck, keep us posted. =)