Drew tote?

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
  2. I really like the Drew tote Kris, I think it could look really special on but am yet to see it in person!
  3. i love the drew, actually, it looks a big bag, my wardrobe have them, so use the 20%off code. its an expensive bag though.
  4. I can see the appeal Kris. I reckon this will be a seriously gorgeous understated one that would look great with tough clothes or a girlier look. Looks big enough to be a weekend bag too.
  5. Yes, I think it is a very chic bag with a relaxed feel to it. Very versatile looking bag.
  6. Which colour are you thinking of Kriscat? I like it in butter & blueberry best, not so keen on the black as I think it might be a bit plain...but I haven't seen them IRL so I could be totally wrong about that.
  7. Was thinking of black, will go and check it out - need to see it IRL before deciding.
    I'll see if I can take a pic(that is if SA turns her head the other way for a moment, lol)
  8. I think the black on on MW looks really chic, Kris! Probably a great spacious bag and very luxe with those little gold Mulberry tree discs.
  9. No luck today - neither of the two stores i tried had Drew tote....so, seems I have to buy one to get a pic:nuts: Will think about it...
  10. If I could afford it I would be seriously considering the Drew tote at the moment. Probably in black too but maybe the blueberry! I would say go for it, have not seen these in store anywhere! If it is not right it will be worth the return postage to get it out of your system?
  11. I just wrote about the Drew Tote on SaraJane's thread - I cannot get enough of this style - it is utterly gorgeous :yahoo: I'm loving it in Blueberry personally but I think the Black would look fab with the outfit you described :biggrin:
  12. Hey chris, I am away in Birmingham at the moment but just had to nip on and let you know.... I went to selfridges today and tried on all the new season bags and the drew tote was absolutely breath taking. It was smaller than I
    imagined from the photographs and looked so nice on. Very comfortable on the shoulder and held a lovely shape with all my bits in. Tried to get a modelling pic on the sly for you but got shooed away! Black was amazing as was blueberry but I was not
    sold on the butter in this style. Hope this helps a little.
  13. oh wow, i cant wait to see the drew in real life!
  14. Thank you so much for trying to get me a pic, miss_mabel. Sounds good, though! Will see if I have the willpower to wait until a few bags of mine are rehomed(I am not so sure I will).