Drew - small or mini? Please share your experiences and mod shots!

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  1. I've been contemplating buying a Drew for what feels like ages, and with spring/summer wedding season getting into full swing, I've decided now is the perfect time to finally take the plunge and grab either the caramel or biscotti beige. I would be using the bag primarily as an evening and event bag - I use my Marcie medium pretty much every day and I am not looking for a replacement for that. The Drew would be mainly for weddings, parties, going out, etc.

    Unfortunately the department stores near me don't have the Drew in stock so I'm unable to try it on before I order. All I would need to fit in it is my iPhone 8 Plus (can anyone verify that this fits in the mini?), a small card case, a lipstick, and keys. I'm just wondering what each size looks like on actual people. I like the aesthetic look of the mini but I am on the taller side (5'8" and roughly a size 2/4) and I'm wondering if the mini would look too small or weird on me.

    If you have mod shots of yourself wearing either the small or mini drew I would love to see them!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello! I bought my drew last summer in small size and i am so satisfied with my purchase! The small size is perfect for me because i can wear it with everything and in the most occasions! My height is 5'8'' too :smile:

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  3. This is so helpful, and you are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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  4. I have the Mini Drew, I love the size, it is perfect for me for everyday use and going out. It is a tad bigger than the mini marcie crossbody if that helps! inside I can fit a change purse type wallet, lipstick, phone, keys, sunglasses (I am 5'7" and size 2/4 as well)

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  5. Thank you very much! It is a great bag and i am sure you will love it in any size! Let us know your final decision :heart:
  6. I'm confused by all the sizes .. sometimes you can find a drew with medium, small, mini and nano and they use the same picture^^
    20 cm is the mini one right? I have ordered this one. excited to see how I will like this size, I always looked at the bigger one but the smaller size could be cuter for summer with dresses :smile:
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  7. Does your drew chain make noises ? I mean the knotted ends with the hanging ends? I ordered a Drew and I‘m so in love with it but I noticed that the ends of the chain make noises because the Metall is clapping to each other. Do you know what I mean ? Is that normal ? Anything I can do about that ?
  8. I just ordered the mini in caramel. Incidentally, it ended up being on sale in the Farfetch private sale, so I got it for 30% off! Highly recommend Chloe fans to check out this sale - they had tons of Pixies, Roys, and Niles on sale for 20-40% off.
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  9. Got my caramel mini today and it's perfect - exactly what I wanted. Love that the color is neutral but still has some warmth and pop. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread!

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