Drew horses embroidery or drew red ~ Really Need Advice : )

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  1. Hi everybody I'm new to this forum. I run into a dilemma between bijou drew horse embroidery or drew red. Really want some advice from you all.

    I was first caught by the horse embroidery one when I received an email from Matchesfashion. However, I couldn't find it in store. So I tried the red one. The red one looks nice on me as well, also it is currently on sale ( about 500 dollars cheaper than usual)

    Hence I'm in a serious dilemma between this two. I guess my concern with the horse embroidery is that I'm not sure if it fits my closet and I'm afraid the color is a little bit too dark. Also, the price point currently is kind of high. It's hard to say if the horse embroidery one will be on heavy discount like the red one or it is just so popular and quickly sold out. While my concern wit the red one is that, I am not sure if I would still like it after a while wearing it. I'm always cautious about bright red colors. I think it would be much better if it is a burgundy color.

    Thanks in advance for everybody who are so kind to give me advice : )
  2. the red would seem more versatile to me. i hope to get a red bag for my collection but it's always nice to have one neutralish pop of color - like a red, a dark foresty green, a dark blue. (to me non neutral pop of colors are like pink and yellow and pastels I guess)
  3. Hey dear, thanks so much for your input!
  4. I love the horsey one! I think black matches most occasions and the golden horses give a great pop though being still subtle.
    About the red one, superpretty color, but me myself would love that one more in pebbled or smooth leather.
  5. Hi there, thanks for sharing your thoughts! The fact that the horsey one has the smooth leather but also belong to the bijou series also surprised me a little bit : )
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