Drew Bracelet

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  1. That does look new - haven't seen it on Mulberry website.
  2. I quite like that. It's just a pity that dark leather straps make my super pale arms look awful. I can't even wear a leather watch strap, has to be silver metal.
  3. I like it!
  4. Looks great!
  5. Love the little horseshoe charm.
  6. Very cute - but I will be scared to catch the knitted sleeves or fishing up something unwillingly - I'm too clumsy!! :lol: Lovely leather detail though!
  7. love the horseshoe, would love it to be a super thin leather cuff tho so that you could wear it all the time!
    are you tempted LMM

    scrap that (what a rediculous question ;)) Like I need to ask :biggrin:
  8. It annoys me that Mulberry doesn't have all their items online!! Why is that exactly?
  9. I'd love to have one like that !
  10. That is so cute! Looks like shopbop.com has added a few more Mulberry items on the site recently.

    Anybody going to get it?

    I am looking at the Mitzy Hobo...but I think it looks rather large. Any comments?
  11. The medium Mitzy hobo is available on mulberry.com tegan if you think the regular would be too large!
  12. Thank you Miss Mabel. I thought the medium was only available in the stores in England. (I am new to Mulberry).

    The dimensions of the one on the Mulberry website and shopbop.com are close I believe. About 16" high (42cm) and about 19" long (48cm). Am I missing something? If I am, please correct me as I am learning :smile:

    I would rather the smaller version as I am 5'4" tall. However, I live in the US and they don't carry the medium or smaller version in the stores here :sad: So sad... Maybe that means I need to take a trip??? :smile:
  13. cute!