Drew Barrymore's bag in Music And Lyrics

  1. I loved the hobo Drew Barrymore carried in the movie Music And Lyrics but have no idea of who makes it. Help!
  2. no clue hun, but i found pix if what i'm assuming you're talking about here :

    WireImage.com Photos

    help this gurl out!

    sry i'm not studied enough in the purse world to be able to pick that one out....

    :smile: goodluck! :smile:
  3. that DEFINATLEY looks like it!

    inna different color tho...

    :yes: quick find! nice work! :yes:
    ... i'd assume the reason that it's on sale and only comes in one color is because it's going like wildfire! i'll go on eBay and see if they have any and post my results if they doooo!
  4. Yes, it's the Anna Corinna Drawstring Bag in butterscotch.
  5. i still think it's the Anna Corinna bag and not that other Feng Junk or however ya spell it :p :p
  6. Thanks for the help. I agree that it seems to be an Anna Corinna bag but I haven't had any luck tracking it down in that great color. I only found it at one spot and it was in black only. I guess they've all sold out. If anyone finds it, please let me know!!!!
  7. It also looks like a Jimmy Choo Ramona bag...
  8. its the anna corrina bag I got mine at feng junk.. it is in butterscotch.. love the bag!
  9. Does the inside of the bag have any pockets? I am considering getting the black even though my heart yearns for the butterscotch.
  10. feng junk doesn't have this bag in any color! boo hoo!
  11. it acutally doesnt , that would be my ONE and ONLY complaint is that in such a big bag that stuff can swim in an inside pocket would be nice, but i use lots of wristlets and tiny accessories that i put my stuff into so its not such a big deal for me i just have to find the right wristlet/accessory and then i can get my stuff :smile:

    So yea but i think you should get it any way i love it, i used it every day all summer (it shows some wear cause its a lightlish color) but its so soft and floppy and has a nice long strap drop from your shoulder, not too long not short its like perfect!
    and then its so soft and people compliment it ALL the time! :smile:
    let us know what you do!