Dressy Tote/ Can't Decide Between Two

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  1. Can't decide on these two their both gorgeous ... Please help... which color would you ladies choose and why?

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  2. I vote fuchsia!
  3. I'd go with Summer Blue. It really outshines the Fuschia.
  4. I second the summer blue!!
  5. I like the fuschia because the color fits any season, in my opinion at least, where as the summer blue to me would be a spring/summer bag only. Although the summer blue is beautiful too!
  6. Fuchsia was my # 1 choice but love the summer time blue too...
  7. All things Pink/Fuchsia is my vote... (but the blue is gorgeous, too!) Aww, heck, get both! :woot:
  8. Personally, I'd go for fuchsia ... ^^
  9. Thanks ladies fuchsia it is ... I love to get both one for now is good ...

  10. Fuchsia
  11. Thanks I'm going with the fuchsia :smile: