Dressy bags?

  1. I have really been working on building my collection so that it contains only bags that I will use. I need some suggestions for bags that would be suitable for a work situation. My office is somewhat business casual, but I tend to dress up a bit, for work. The bags that I own that I do not consider "dressy" are: BV Campana, Hogan Shopper, Tod's Miky Nomade, Balenciaga Day, MJ Multipocket, MJ Karolina. Some bags that I own that I feel are appropriate for work: YSL Muse, MJ Blake, Chanel, MJ Stella.

    Other suggestions? I don't care for monogram, or anything too trendy. I thought about another Blake, but I do tend to gravitate toward multiples of bags that work for me and I'd like to try something new. I do use my non-dressy bags for work, but I'd like to have one or two more dressy options. I'd really appreciate suggestions!
  2. a Hermes kelly is a good option... you would love that.. it is chic, classy, and elegant.. you can definitely dress up for that..
  3. I agree with Bluxcape, a Kelly would be perfect. However, they are pricey. Another option would be a Ferragamo Marissa bag. It can be carried as a satchel or on the shoulder. It is classic and timeless. I have one in black and really love it. Here are pics.

  4. Which Chanel do you own?

    Chanel has SOOOO many new bags this season, most people think they're for old Ladies or that they just have flap bags but they're not. There's TONS of fab colors and amazing styles this season that could take you from casual to dressy in the same bag.
  5. I really love all of these suggestions! Are the Tulita and Kelly bags strictly hand held? I have actually been trying to find a Marissa bag in black for a while. Kat, yours is so beautiful, and I can see how it would be suitable to most every situation. I have only seen the chocolate metallic color available lately, though. Swanky-I recently acquired a reissue. It is beautiful, and before I saw the bag, I wouldn't have thought that I liked Chanel. I have started doing research on the brand, though. What styles would you consider "day-to-night", so that I know what to look for?
  6. I'd suggest so many really:heart: Go to the Chanel Forum and head over to the Reference Library and see some of our photos, specifically, check out the Luxe Ligne thread and maybe the Vintage LIgne as well. . . . I could list a lot!
    The Luxe Ligne is pricey but it's SO worth it, it's lined in leather and almost all the styles can be worn w/ jeans and heels or a cocktail dress.
  7. I also own the Ferragamo Marissa bag in black, and I completely agree with Kat. It's a really useful and classic bag. In fact, it sounds like any number of Ferragamo's might be up your alley... I also have two other Ferragamo satchels--in red and camel--and they are great bags for work. Elegant but not too trendy. :yes:
  8. The Kelly is a great, versatile, classic bag but a bit expensive. Chanel is a great option, with so many different styles to choose from.
  9. Celine Boogie!!! Ferragamo has lotsa dressy bags & Tod's too
  10. Oh so many bags to choose from.. there's chanel classic, Hermes kelly, Louis Vuitton epi line..