1. I made a vintage style dress! I can't wait to wear it =) (more details on my blog) It was actually a lot simpler than I thought it would be. It did take me some time, but I am happy with the results. I am very much a beginner sewer... but not that I have a serger... the skies the limit =P
  2. Wow, that's lovely! Is this the first dress you've made? I bought a couple of patterns but I'm so unsure of how to use the machine, they've just been sitting my drawer :sad:
  3. Love it!!!
  4. Not the first, but the first one after i took a class and really learned how to read patterns and deal with seam allowances. Also the first time I used a serger to overlock the edges, which really makes me feel pretty professional. =). I hear you on the patterns, I have had BUNCH for years. But finally getting in the swing of things. I recommend getting a friend who knows how to sew to give you a few pointers, it really helps to have in person instructions. I haven't tried it but maybe you tube can help!

  5. Thank you!

    I am actually considering taking a few inches off the bottom. On my 5'5" frame it seems to engulf me. I was still thinking of a within 50s reason just below the knee. Does anyone have an opinion on this?
  6. Very nice job on the Simplicity Walkaway dress. I adore vintage styles but I haven't made any for myself even though I have many (probably hundreds) of vintage patterns. I have a whole litany of excuses why, but they mostly boil down to fear. Fear of ruining cool fabric, fear of the finished dress not fitting well or not being flattering, fear of looking fat. I really need to get over myself and just do it.

    FYI, here is a link to a blog where the author makes the same dress but she gives directions on how to fit it even better to yourself. http://www.edelweisspatterns.com/blog/?p=552

    She also does a series of sew along posts for the same pattern.
  7. Dress looks very well made, congratulations!:biggrin:

    I use vintage dresses etc to make myself individual and top quality wardrobe.

    Time is best when taking it nice and neat, with a lot of consideration how to do every detail, no matter is it styling or making it from patterns.
  8. That's pretty! Wish I can sew like that.:smile:
  9. The dress is adorable and it doesn't look handmade at all! May I ask where you took your class? Was it at a fashion school or community class type of thing? I would love to take one!
  10. Super cute! What pattern was it?
  11. Can't believe that this dress was handmade!!! In fact haven't seen this kind of self custom clothes for a long time, love your design, love the flower patterns!!
  12. That is so lovely! I wish I could sew even a straight stitch. Lol.
  13. I agree. Gorgeous dress, congratulations. Oh, I only wish I could sew like this! I'm absolutely sure you will look lovely wearing that dress. Do you have a special occasion in mind?

    My favorite aunt took sewing classes years ago and over time progressed to making suits with linings of different-colored taffeta to complement the fabric, carefully done buttonholes and trimmings. She is forever haunting fabric stores (there are a few in town which sell only remnants of high-quality fabrics at a fraction of the original price), and buttons. Aunt searches high and low for the perfect final touch. It usually takes her months to finish a particular piece, but it's always impeccable.
  14. Nice pattern! Every detail is excellent!
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