Dressing up your LV

  1. I recently purchased a few bandeau and fleurs to dress up my Damier speedy, wish others would show how you dress your babies up so we can learn a few tricks from each other! Its amazing how different scarfs can change the look of the bag in seconds! Come show us yours!
  2. there have been a few threads on this, try doing a search.
    i love your scarves!
  3. That is absolutely adorable! I LOVE IT!!!
  4. all are so cute.
  5. Love the fleurs! So cute!
  6. I would love to get the fleurs, they are so cute. :girlsigh:
  7. those are beautiful scarves! like 'em a lot!
  8. Is that Speedy a 25? I have a TON of Coach scarves I might put on my new one....
  9. pretty! i really like the second coach scarf on the bag!
  10. Here's one of mine:
  11. This is mine!:heart:

  12. I really like your Coach scarves.
  13. I am madly in love with the bandeau in the last pic.. :drool:
  14. ^me too!