Dressing up your bags?

  1. There are so many different kinds of scarves on Coach's site. "Ranskimmie" posted a really cute picture of a dressed up white patent Ergo with a scarf and a charm. I hadn't thought about adding decorations to my bags. What size scarf works? What other ideas do you have besides the Coach scarfs and charms? Would the decor work with most of the Coach bags, or are there some that you accessorize?
  2. I use my keychains, charms, and the only scarf I have is a spring '06 patchwork, which I either tie in a bow on the bag or on one of my hobos with a braided shoulder strap I weave it through. I like to dress them up - right now my choc sig ergo tote has a snowman keychain and pear sandal from last spring on the hangtag - a little funny for the combo, but I live in Tulsa and the weather changes literally every day, so it's kind of a joke. I really like the danglies - makes the bag my own :tup: