Dressing up the pochette

  1. So now I'm obsessed with my new pochette and I've been drooling over the pochette thread in the clubhouse. I see some of you have a gold chain you use as a strap. What is the technical name for that and can I buy it separately? I'm trying so hard not to order the gold extender, but it looks so classy in all your pics. I bought the long monogram strap for mine, but I'm looking for some ways to dress it up as a smaller clutch bag. Love everybody's pochette pics!
  2. juciy charms are a great way to dress up pochette or speedies :smile:
  3. good thread. i want to know too! i have the extender as well but would love to know other options. i know for speedies, there are the scarves/bandeaus. but what about for our lil pochettes?! :smile:
  4. I agree juicy charms are a great way to dress up your pochette but I am also intersted in the gold chain strap thingy.
  5. I don't know the technical name for the chain either. :smile: But I think I remember a post where someone bought a bracelet from Claire's and used that as an extender on their pochette. It looked really nice.
  6. Great idea! Some juicy charms look a little small for a speedy but perfect for a pochette.
  7. My sister uses a Hermes twilly to spruce up some of her bags. They come in all different colors and patterns too.:yes:

    I use Juicy charms on mine.
  8. Melissa, you could order the chain that LV uses for the Portefeuille Accordéon to use as the strap. Still think you might need the bolt extender. Someone mention the chain is around $80.
  9. I just got the Pastilles Key Ring in Brown Monogram. I think that would look cute on a Pochette.
  10. I think there are many ways to dress the pochette up, since the strap comes off, and there are rings in which you can attach things on. Be creative, im sure you could find something around your house or at a store to put on it!
  11. Yes that was bagsnbags I believe she also uses it on her pochette tikal.
  12. The thing about Louis Vuitton is that the classic monogram bags are amazingly verstile for year-round. I personally think it would be insulting to pair Juicy Couture, Coach, or any other cheap brand with a Louis Vuitton bag. I would think a small, lightweight Louis Vuitton scarf would look amazing! Plus they're only about $200-600 - you can't go wrong with that, plus you can use it in soo many ways.

  14. here is my pochette with the claire's bracelet

  15. ^I think that looks very cute!