Dressing up the Picotin

  1. So... I got myself a cute raisin (gotta love that colour!) Picotin PM recently, but it feels a little plain. I have the horseshoe charm (black on one side, orange on the other) and a few cadenas, but the horseshoe (black side) gets lost in the darker raisin, while the cadenas just flop inside.

    The obvious answer is to tie a twilly on it, but I would welcome other ideas (pom-poms?). And should I do a matchy-matchy colour or use a contrast?
  2. Roxanne......how about a lovely 70cm "vintage" scarf? It would be a little more substantial than a twilly and not as cutesy as the pom-poms.....
  3. Agree with shopmon - why not try the kelly caleche vintage scarf in the aubergine and pale pink colorway... that would really go with your raisin picotin
  4. Picotins are fun to dress up- Here is a pic of my favorite Black Picotin with a Breloque Charm. I also use several of my Cadena's and my lady bug.
    Picotin #1.jpg
  5. ^That looks gorgeous! So simple and beautiful.
  6. amamxr- that is really beautiful.
  7. i would get a vintage 70 scarf or a regular size scarf and put it on top over my stuff. it keeps everything in and adds color.
  8. How about some brighter key chains -- a white snowman would just jump out, a pink piggy, the pink heart, the yellow banana etc.
  9. amam: Thats soo pretty!!
    Could you wrap twillys around the handles, like how you do to the birkin?
    I don't know, just a suggestion =) xx
  10. Below is mine (PM) with a 70 cm scarf. I also love my tiger keychain...the orange color really pops! :flowers:
  11. CB:
    How do you keep from the scarf flying out? I am so afraid of the scarf idea since I lost a gorgeous one that I had tied to by handbag.
  12. I usually tuck it in a bit more. I use a purseket in my Picotin and I tuck one end of the scarf under the purseket...that way it stays more secure.:flowers:
  13. I would do a scarf with some orange on it, it would really stand out against the raisin and be truly complementary as well.
  14. I'm for the key chain (something neutral, like a lucky clover), skipper bracelet (it won't scratch the bag) and charms key chain
  15. Beautiful