Dressing up my speedy

  1. What do you think - is it too much


  2. IMHO i think it's too much, especially since the bag is flashier than others.
  3. i think i would like it with just the mc charms. :biggrin:
  4. Yes sorry I think it is way over the top I like the denim on it's own or if you absolutely have to have something, one item only.
  5. I think it's too much. Maybe you should just stick with Jack and Lucie keychain.
  6. I'd just keep one on...either the Jack & Lucie or the Pastilles.
  7. Are you going to take it out dressed like that?
  8. LOL maybe... but how can you just connect the pastille - I understand how the keyring part unclips and can put that around the handle - but the other clip does not go around - as the handles are too fat .
  9. ummmm, maybe just a little...maybe you should do what my mom always said....

    "when you're finished dressing, remove one peice of jewlery and then you'll be perfect!"
  10. :yes: The MC charms dress it up nicely. Anything else draws attention away from your beautiful Denim bag. Keep it simple.
  11. I think it is to much.
  12. each are lovely and should be the center of attention...alone, on your equally pretty bag!
    i know i can not attach the bracelet to my saleya either bc the hardware is too chunky....
  13. yes, thats a bit too flashy. Any one of the accessories is sufficient
  14. When I put the Pastilles on my speedy, I clip one end on the front zipper and the other on the handle.
  15. I like the Jack & Lucie charm best on that bag!
    The pomme heart looks too big for it.