Dressing up my Damier Speedy

  1. I’ve been using my Damier Speedy a lot since I got it, and I’ve been using it so much that I want to dress it up a little bit. I already purchased a matching mini pochette and a pomme cles, but those will be inside the bag, and I wanted something to spruce it up outside. Would a scarf look good?

    Anyone here with a picture of their Damier
    Speedy dressed up? I’m looking for ideas.
  2. I think the scarf is a great idea! I think they look great on a damier speedy! I like the contrast of the navy colors with the damier!
  3. I like the Pastilles
  4. I have a damier speedy 30 and i dress the baby up with the LVOE phone charm...or sometimes with the multicolor fleurs cles :yahoo:
  5. Someone posted a topic on this a couple of days ago, I'll see if I can find it.
  6. Lol I made a thread about this a while back as well. Damiers look kind of naked to me if it's not dressed up.
  7. My old pic:

  8. I got a small luggage tag heatstamped to personalize my bag.
  9. you could hang the pomme cles on the outside of your speedy. Or a pomme speedy inclusion keyring would look cute.
  10. LVOE phone charm is a great idea!!!
    I use a yellow hermes triplets scarf on mine