Dressing up Ms. Damier Azur

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  1. :love:
    IMG_0789.jpg IMG_0790.jpg IMG_0797.jpg
  2. Looks awesome!
  3. So fancy:tender:
  4. aw that cute
    is it a necklace?

    and i have a question
    does the azur get dirty easily bc its so light?
  5. {{{Misty}}}... Wow!!! :heart: it to pieces....:love:
  6. Wow, Classy!!:wlae: Is that a necklace or a small belt you've used?
  7. Pretty!!!:winkiss:
  8. pretty....very glamour..
  9. unique!, Its very cute!
  10. cute!

    nope not yet! I've used it a lot in the last couple weeks I've had my speedy, it's still great!
  11. too cute all dressed up
  12. I looks so cute.
  13. You're so creative. Looks good!
  14. very nice Misty!!!
  15. Very glam! : )