Dressing older

  1. I'm 18, so I'm not talking about dressing matronly, just not feeling so plain like I'm 14.

    I dress mainly for comfort and I don't want to put much more effort into picking an outfit, seeing as I only go to school and work. However, I don't want to give up my personal style and just resort to being "trendy" because it's what's safe.

    My style is, in the fewest words, an androgynous combination of goth and preppy. I wouldn't mind adding pieces and getting rid of some, but want to avoid buying mostly new clothes.
  2. The easiest way to change a look from plain to sophisticated is with accessories or shoes. I think that wearing a pair of pointy-toes high-heeled pumps can give an outfit an edge, especially if it is in a bright color like red or leopard. Wearing a colored pearl necklace (such as black or pink) can also give you the same edge without killing your feet.
  3. Get classic pieces (like a trench, pencil skirt, white button down) and mix with what you already have. Or get "younger" versions of the classic pieces, like a cropped trench (perhaps in a bold color). Experiment with shoes.

    In general, the more "classic" you dress, the more sophisticated (NOT old), you will look.
  4. You sound like me! When I was in high school, I was over the top goth. I've toned down a lot since then but my style is still somewhat influenced from those years.

    Instead of wearing black combat boots, I prefer something leather with a heel now.

    Instead of wearing fishnet stockings, I prefer tights.

    Instead of wearing black band shirts and long skirts, I only wear dresses now. I like to pair my dresses with tights and boots.

    You should change your shoes and accessories first. It really makes a big difference.
  5. I'm not into tights and dresses. Any advice for dressing older but slightly more masculine?
  6. Sorry. I'm a girly girl.

    Skinny tailored pants
    Fitted jacket in leather w/a t-shirt
    high heeled booties
    silver jewelry

    hard to suggest much without seeing photos of you
  7. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v305/Zabijej/357e.jpg - I no longer have blonde streaks. Those were a bad idea, but they're grown out now and dyed light brown.

    http://a213.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/128/l_bbabedf5de54f0b998bd2d6ff61c597c.jpg - the closest to a full-body pic I have. In other words, I'm skinny with small boobs and wide hips.
  8. I can't get my brain around a combination of goth and preppy, but it's easier to try to formulate a style for yourself than to try to dress older. If you are looking for a collegiate style with a tiny bit of an edge, Ralph Lauren Rugby (a store I am becoming a huge fan of), has things like oxford shirts with tiny skulls and crossbones on the chest. I don't buy the oxfords because of that but that is targeted toward a younger edgier customer.

    Rugby shirts are very preppy and adorable and the Rugby store has tons of choices there. You can wear a rugby shirt with a tweed jacket and look incredibly cute. The tweed jacket is a basic and could be worn as your primary jacket (but not winter coat).

    Clearly I understand preppy more and I could wax on forever about that but there's a couple of ideas anyway...
  9. Wide legged slacks, a shirt (button-up or even a T-shirt)and a cool cool vest!
    ;) Saw your pic and the "school-boy" look that is so in now will suit you!

    Just google for fashion 2007 and look for the school boy chic!

  10. I agree with Sonya. Getting the trendier updates on the good ole classics could be a great way for you to go. It can make you feel more sophisitcated while also being young and fresh.
  11. When it comes down to dressing more "maturely" for your age, you want to look into basics that are tailored to fit your exact shape, which may mean choosing a few pants or skirts and then taking them to the tailor's to get them fitted correctly. After that, get a couple tailored button-downs or oxfords with feminine details like french cuffs (very versatile, you can leave them down and layer them or roll up the cuffs as you please with sweaters over). Your layering piece (that shows your personality) can be some tissue weight tee with whatever design underneath but peeking out, or you can be wearing a tailored skirt with vents with fishnet tights underneath along with a conservative MaryJane shoe in a neutral color such as burgundy, black, camel, or any of this seasons's patents.

    Bottom line is, just choose several basics in darker colors for winter, and incorporate just a few fun things to accessorize with. You'll be fine, and look your age without being a total fuddy-duddy!
  12. My advice is not to strive to 'dress older' but to formulate your own style into a more sopisticated look.

    It sounds like i have your *exact* body type (i know what it's like to be thin with wide hips *sigh*) and i suggest you invest in a great pair of dark wash Straight jeans (and pants). It's more edgy than wide and bootcut, and looks more sophisticated and put together than skinnies. Also, will be a LOT more flattering than wide pants (i shudder at the thought of my hips in wide leg pants).

    My next piece of advice is to stay away from any type of printed or screened tshirt. Try out silk tops with fun but elegant details.. such as this Marc By Marc Jacobs top.. It will also look GREAT on your shape!


    If you want to wear a tshirt go for something like this Michael Stars top insead! They always come in great colours, and fit wonderfully! (other great brands for simular things are Vince and Ella Moss) I swear by these basics.


    I think having at least one or two GREAT jackets/coats is also a must. Something that fits YOU perfectly.

    For shoes, try to stay away from very cheap brands.. they tend to look wayyy too young and cheapen a great look. Opt out of flipflops, Uggs, Converse, and basically any other shoe that could be grouped in with 14 year olds. A nice heel always helps.

    I adoooree these!


    As for accessories- have fun but don't go overboard! Pick one standout piece like this very vintage inspired necklace-


    and go tiny on everything else. Studs instead of dangly earrings, one or two small bracelets instead of an arm full.. You get the idea.

    Hope this helps!
  13. I was totally like you too. Funny thing is that I'm only 19. When I was in high school I was the total gothy, punk girl. With colored hair, piercings, tattoos everything. Of course the tattoo stuck (and I don't regret them) but if you look at me from then to now it's a complete transformation.

    I still was able to keep some of my style but I realized that I had to let a lot of it go because a) It was OK for the time b) I was definitely growing out of it and c) I was able to get into the corporate world really quickly which gave me little to no choice but to be sophisticated.

    I agree that accessories and shoes can give you a little edge. A lot of my accessories are gold and they pop a little more in my office than others. I also tend to wear more "trendy" like clothes. Instead of showing up to work with just a plain black suit (which at times I would have to) I'd wear something like:



    I always keep classic elements in my head but play around with colors and fabrics. Keeping it simple with a little kick or something simple with a kick of accessories always does the job for me.