Dressing nicely to climb the corporate ladder?

  1. Do you guys think dressing well and sharp everyday (and carrying a really sharp-looking bag), even in a casual relaxed office culture, helps you get ahead by giving people a more positive impression than if you didn't?

    ..lol..perhaps i'm just thinking of excuses to add more to my college-styled wardrobe now that i'm heading off to the corporate world..
  2. I think it is wise to dress properly in a corporate setting. Most places either have "business" or "business casual". Follow what your senior leadership wears. However, if you dress well but behave like a jackass, all bets are off.:roflmfao:
  3. lol...

    i ask because some people in the office wear dress shirts and slacks, some people wear hoodies and flip flops.........no clear dress code!
  4. I don't know necessarily about getting ahead, but as long the other variables like your work ethic are solid I don't see how it cannot help unless you are overdressing or it is in sharp contrast with the company philosophy of dress. I mean who doesn't notice a person who looks sharply dressed whether in a work or non-work setting?
  5. same as my department - really mixed bec there is no dress code. people work really on their own (research etc) - if you are that good you can climb the ladder and be casual in our 'world' but I am not sure about a typical corporate setting.

    I used to work p-t in an office where some would dress very casual, and while it was ok the manager appreciated that I didn't. so I think it always pays to be well maintained. and no matter what: hoodies and flip-flops are IMO not really for a work environment, unless it is anything to do with sports. I think that is too casual.

    have fun in your new job.
  6. I think it's good to look classy whatever the dresscode. If it's okay to go casual in your office it doesn't mean you have to wear a hoodie and flipflops or something old and worn out looking.
  7. I think dressing well does give you a edge if you are working with the public. If you are in a corp. office setting and meeting with people their first impression of you will stay with them. I have worked in offices where there should have been dress codes because in Florida some of the people really took to looking like "I rather be at the beach than here". In other environments when one is working research or something that requires long hours, ect.... and they can get away with comfort-they should do it. Too me it is better to be neat than sloppy.
  8. ITA that neat always wins over sloppy. If there isn't a dress code, stick with being pulled together a notch above your peers and you can't go wrong. You don't want to be known to your superiors as "the girl who wears those pink glittery flip flops with a bad pedicure and smacks gum all day." ;)

    In general, if you have a lot of client contact face to face you'll need to dress appropriately. Obviously, banking will be different from surfgear sales, for example ;) .

    As far as dressing sharp to climb the ladder, well as posted earlier if one's performance and ethics are kaput it doesn't matter how well they are dressed. I do think there is a balance between looking sharp and looking like you're trying too hard. It just depends on your work environment.

    On a personal note, I'm in a business casual IT realm where I'm in my cube on the phone all day and in a few face to face meetings (internally with peers and mgmt). Many of my project teams are 'virtual,' spread around the country, so theoretically I could wear just about anything. During the week I stick with slacks or khakis. Jeans are fine too but I steer clear of hoodies and flip flops for sure. If I'm telecommuting or running an overnight conference call from home I'm often in my PJs!

    When I travel for work, it's to visit other locations at this same company. There I DO dress more conservatively than I would at home, meaning avoiding jeans the first few days and bringing a nice jacket.

    Sorry about the ramble..hope that helped?
  9. thanks for all the interesting thoughts! i guess i'll have to play it by ear. meanwhile, time to be on the lookout for professional wear! hehehehe....:graucho:
  10. I totally agree that classy and pulled-together always wins over sloppy (hoodies and flip-flops), even in a casual office. Just don't upstage the upper management, especially if you have a meeting with them or see them often. Dress the way the nicest-dressed of them might dress otherwise you will be seen as not fitting in and not adapting to your work environment.
  11. that's very true! i never thought of it that way..
  12. Sounds like good advice. I was actually thinking you might want to look at how those that actually have climbed the ladder to the top dress.
  13. you are definitely taken more seriously if you dress well.

    i intern at a place where business cas is the norm and it's so hard to stay away from flip flops and hoodies, even though a lot of people wear them!
  14. Yes; it's a sign of respect.
  15. I've always followed the philosophy that you shouldn't dress for the job you have, you should dress for the job you want.