Dressing For Long-haul Flights

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  1. I'm about to do the horrid UK - Australia flight in a couple of weeks and am having a hard time working out what to wear on the plane. I've tried it all over the years - tracksuit pants, jeans, you name it... but none of them seem to meet the elusive mix between reasonably stylish and comfortable. :sad:

    So, I'm interested to know... what does everyone else where on those super long-haul flights? I've got no problems wearing tracksuits, but I do like to look a bit nice. It just makes me feel ten times scungier if I look scruffy.
  2. Juicy sweats...with a denim jacket

    u cld bring extra clothes to change into...just a thought.
  3. I did the 27-hour flight from Toronto to Australia and LIVED in a Juicy terry suit. I honestly care more about being relatively comfortable than how I look. I see women tottering around airports on high heels all the time and I am just so not that person.
  4. ^ or women who wear skin tight jeans on a flight!!!! how in the world are they comfortable?!?!?!
  5. soft cotton dress and easy flats. look professional and very comfortable. plus you have plenty of leg room to fold your legs.
  6. Jahpson~~ great idea!!

    I have to say I fly about 5-7 times PER WEEK and I live in juicy sweats but I am always envious of the women looking so classy in their CL's and Chanels. I never even pack that stuff let alone wear it on the plane. But I think I will try the comfy dress idea. Oh, note of advice...DO NOT wear a denim mini, it was a bad idea on the shuttle bus between terminals.
  7. So now that I know I have 6 flights this week I have some shopping to do!
  8. Great idea! I think track suits are fine. Just so the clothes are clean, no rips etc.
  9. Perhaps I'm just a bit grotty generally, because tracksuits tend to look so awful after about an hour that I'm sure one day they're going to refuse me entry onto the plane!
  10. for my trips to boston from hawaii, i wear comfy jeans, cotton tshirt, and a hoodie (if its cold on the plane).
  11. for long haul i change on the plane, i can't be seen in public in what i like to sleep in :shame:

    i tend to fly in a loose or stretchy dress and leggings, can't get much easier or more comfortable than that.
  12. Tracksuit and comfy shoes! Then you look like a celeb. LOL. thats what i wear whenever. Sheesh 27 hours. How does a flight from UK to Oz work. WHich way do you fly. When we flew from the UK to Singapore we flew over the middleeast.
  13. I am about to fly to Vegas from the UK, always wear trainers, jeans and just bought an oversize no sleeve M Jacobs sweater for comfort. The outfit looks smart but is also very comfy. I am flying with Virgin, and they give you PJ to change into so that you can go to sleep and not mess up what you are wearing.
  14. For my flights to Asia (Nyc to Alaska to HK [and sometimes to Thailand]), i wear my loose fitting sweats, t-shirt with a sweater over it since the planes tend to be cold and i wear flip flops since it's so annoying dealing with security and i usually take my shoes off on the flights since i sit with family
  15. I used to travel long haul flights often, thankfully not as often these couple of years maybe 3-4x a year. Ok, as the airplane is quite cold, layer on clothing to keep yourself warm, I'd say wear autumn clothing for UK. You'd need them later when you disembark cos it's late autumn in Au anyway. I'd wear long sleeve cotton tee with loose fitting microfiber pants with a fleece zip-up cardigan/hoodie. That way if it gets too hot in the plane you'd just take off the cardigan. Sure it's not glam at all, people on the plane don't really care, and Aussies are generally very casually dressed. Comfort is their prime concern.