Dressing Bussiness Casual

  1. I just got the job to sell Time Shares
    I'm going to my orientation for 2 days on Friday they want us to dress business casual but i always worked at retail and just wore pretty much anything
    Any ideas on how i can dress like these?Also when i work i need to wear black pants and closed casual shoes i'm going to be standing up for a long time what kind of shoes i should get and pants?
  2. Black trousers with a conservative top or sweater and comfortable pumps. It sounds like you could also get away with like all black Diesel-type sneakers that don't really look like sneakers. I have a pair of those for work. I wear them with black trousers and a gray v-neck sweater when I don't feel like putting any thought into my outfit!

    A good rule of thumb is that if you have to ask if something is appropriate, it's probably not.
  3. congratulations on getting the job!
    business casual to me is like black slacks, a dress shirt and possible a sweater or vest on top. or even just a nice top or sweater instead of a dress shirt.

    definitely invest money into at least one comfy (but hot!) pair of black dress shoes. for the slacks, i found that my best pair was a cheapo pair that i purchased at h&m and took to my tailor to fix up for me.

    what's your price range?
  4. I can be from 100 to 700
    Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Good advice! I about live in black dress slacks year 'round in various lightweight wools and wool blends. Get a good, basic leather belt to wear with them and that won't clash with your jewelry (e.g. not too much flashy hardware). Once you have a basic belt you can always get more fun ones!

    ITA with other posts that a tailored blouse and maybe a nice sweater vest or scarf and tasteful jewelry is perfect.

    I always chuckle at "business casual" on invitations. I work in a field with 99% men and they all know that means "no jeans, no ties." If only it was as easy enough for us women!!

    Congrats on your new job!
  7. Cole Haan has a line w/Nike Air technology and I can attest. They are super comfortable and stylish. You should check them out.