Dresses with Lady Gres

  1. HELP!!
    I am in need of a formal gown for a holiday ball. I want to show off my tweed Lady Gres with this dress. :p

    Any suggestions? I am a big Saks and NM shopper FYI.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Those shoes are so outstanding all on their own! I can see black,of course Dont get anything that won't move when you walk so those shoes will be on display. I could see alot with that dress, really I could see red or pink. Are you going cocktail or full ball gown? A light gold or silver tone could be smashing. A purple hue would work, You have a lot of choices! Post pics for us. You have such good taste I know you will pick some winners!

    Something cream with that shoe would look good too!
  3. Love it! And I had said purple! Great!! Very sexy and chic dress,:tup::okay:
  4. cjy- Aww, you are so sweet. :biggrin:

    ledaatomica- Thanks for the links! You have great taste!! Will definitely come to you for more advice later on! :tup:

    I love all the dresses, especially the purple. The dress should probably be a full ball gown because it's formal.

    I have a slinky black Versace dress that could work..but I want to go out and buy another dress. Shopaholic, you know. :biggrin:

    Is this too simple?

  5. ^Won't show my shoes..hmph.
  6. That is stunning! I really like that! I would love your shoes with that! Wish I had a body to put in that dress!!
  7. I will show your shoes when you walk. Plus since it is straight it will show them off more than if it was puffed out. I like it, really I do!!!:tup::okay::drool:

  8. NO IT is NOT TOO SIMPLE!! Elegant!!
  9. Hm, if I don't see any other dresses that I love I'll buy this one! :tup:

    cjy- you're the best. LOL
  10. I sure do not think you will regret it. You will be the belle of the ball.
  11. I love that dress too... very elegant.
  12. Love the dress and the color!