Dresses for fall....?

  1. What kind of dresses look appropriate for fall/winter (i.e. paired with boots, etc.)? Do you guys have any favs?
  2. I am LOVING dresses this fall!!!

    I have a few that I've been wearing. For work, I have a couple of black shift dresses from Banana that I wear with black tights (I hate hose) + black high-heeled knee boots or black pumps. I also have a patterned wrap dress in shades of green and tan that I wear more casually (I like to throw it over a brown tee, + wear brown tights + either camel heels or brown suede wedges).

    Another thing I've been playing with is fall-ifying dresses that I normally wear in the summer- I've been surprising myself with how good some dresses that I think of as summer pieces can still look in the fall. Not yellow floral-patterned linen dresses, of course :lol: but a lightweight black jersey shift and navy full-skirted sleeveless dress have both served me quite well recently when paired with a cardigan or suit jacket and worn over tights and pumps.

    For night a semiformal evening dress can also take on quite a different character when worn under a more casual jacket with fishnets and casualish pumps. :yes:

    Basically, I am having tons of fun with this trend :yahoo: I've bought a couple new dresses, but I am also finding many new ways to wear my old ones now that dresses are so in.
  3. I had a post about sweater dresses and I think they are perfect for the winter. If you scroll down in this section or search it the PF members gave a lot of great suggestions. The sweater dresses look great with boots and tights.
  4. I just got this d&g dress and its my fave so far!


    I tried it on with a turtleneck underneath and it makes a wonderful ensemble with boots :love:
  5. ^^^oh wow, I really like that dress!!

    Ashlend, I agree that some summer dresses can move nicely into winter with some leggings or tights.
  6. Diane von Furstenberg - awesome dresses, esp. with boots!
  7. ooooh mello yellow, I saw this dress just last week and was wondering what it would look like on. I am so tempted by it.

    I also agree on the DVF dresses, I have just purchased a gorgeous silk shift for winter which looks amazing with boots and tights :smile:

    yummy :biggrin:. I love dresses for winter
  8. MandM - thanks!!

    chloe-babe - get it, get it, get it!!!! I have a picture of it on me but I left my camera at my boyfriend's place :crybaby: it definitely looks better on than it does on the hanger, even my mom admitted that! GET IT, you'll look fab in it!!!!! :graucho:
  9. There are so many dresses to choose from this fall. Definitely, many of them can be worn with boots, and most of them can be used in layering.

    That's a great dress, Jen!
  10. That D&G dress is gorgeous!!!!!
  11. Where did you get the D&G dress? I couldn't find it on the Nordstroms site...

    Ok, editing to say that it's on eluxury:smile:
  12. melisande and Danica - thanks! it was loveeee at first sight!

    MandM - GET IT!!! ok?!?!! Plus... if you get it from elux, you get back 4% through ****** :graucho:
  13. I love this dress! Beautiful! :love:

  14. Jen that D&G dress is gorgeous!
  15. Omg that is hot!! checking eluxury noooow ^^ thanks for posting it :biggrin: *drools*
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