Dressed Conservatively: Paris & Nicole Do Lunch @ Mr. Chows Last Night!

  1. [​IMG]

    I love Nicoles dress :heart:
  2. They both look good. I hope Paris would dress up like that more.
  3. Paris looks weird for some reason. Maybe its because im not used to her dressing conservatively.
  4. Were just not used to seeing her with so much clothing on. :yes:
  5. Nicole's dress is really cute!
  6. They look cute here. Paris probably needed a friends shoulder at this point.
  7. I never though I'd say this about those two, but OMG, they both look wonderful! There's something about Paris' legs in that photo or is it the pants? I dunno. Maybe she shoulda went with solid black slacks. Anywho, Nicole's dress!!!!!!!!!!! TDF! Wait a minute! She dumped that stylist, Zoe what's her name who has everybody she, erm..."styled" for, lookin' all anorexic. Anywho, If that's the work of Nic's new stylist, all I can say is he/she's a keeper!
  8. ^ Good one!!!! :roflmfao: :heart: Emmy
  9. I love Nicole's dress!
  10. True LOL Both look very demure but I agree Paris looks "akward", can't wait to get home to undress LOL
  11. They look really good. I must admit this is the first time
    I actually like Paris' outfit.
  12. paris looks great...
  13. Not a flattering outfit on Paris. Nicole doesn't look as good there...she looks like the before-makeover Nicole.
  14. i like their outfit..
    they look so dignified ;)
  15. They both look great but i'm not sure i'm totally fond of Paris's outfit. It's a little Hotel-desk-woman. Still very cute though!