Dress too casual for a semi-formal wedding?

  1. What do you guys think? I think the style is great, but the material is casual. Maybe I could dress it up with jewelry? I just can't find any dressier dresses right now that appeal to me.

    Twelfth Street*-* Tube Dress*-* Neiman Marcus

    I sort of like these other two dresses too, but this one's color might be a little too bright for me

    Kay Unger New York*-* Twisted-Front Gown*-* Neiman Marcus

    And this one might be too much of a sack IRL.

    Laundry by Shelli Segal*-* Strapless Crinkled Dress*-* Neiman Marcus

    Thanks for your input!
  2. I think all except the last one would be fine dresses up a little and with some stunning shoes.
  3. I like the first 2 dresses. I don't think you can go wrong with either one!
  4. I agree that number three may look like a sack. I like 2 better than 1, but you should go with what's comfortable.
  5. i like the first one
  6. All gorgeous and appropriate.
  7. I like the first one the best.
  8. I like them all. They can be made to look more formal with high heeled sandals and a jeweled clutch though. I like the last one best.
  9. I love the second one! The first one looks a bit too casual.
  10. ^^The second one is the one I'd go with too! Love it!
  11. I like the second one the best, then the third one. The first one is too casual, both the style and fabric IMO.
  12. They're all nice. A good rule of thumb is while you want to look nice, it's important you don't draw attention away from the bride. Have fun!
  13. I liked the 2nd one and I loved the color of it too. The last one was pretty - but I can see how it could have the sack look to it. You need to really try it on. I liked the color of it.
  14. i love the 3rd one, but the first two would be more appropriate
  15. I really like the last one.