Dress to plain for prom?

  1. [​IMG]

    Is this dress too plain for prom?
  2. Not at all! You could dress it up with cute heels and earrings and make it look wonderful!
  3. Its a gorgeous dress, that you could wear again, but to me personally, its more a dress I would wear out for dinner, you only get to go to one prom (usually) :smile:, so I would wear something really amazing if I had the chance. Saying that though, if budget is important, and you need something classic you could pull out again and again, this dress is great for that.
  4. I agree-some fabulous heels and really great earrings will do the trick -you could also try a nice cuff on your wrist:graucho:
  5. Thats what I was thinking too. It's more of a going out to dinner dress, hahaha. I actually have another more formal dress that I bought months ago for prom but now I regret it because I don't like it that much anymore, hahaha. I'll post a pic of it later and you guys can tell me which one is better! :amuse:
  6. That dress is fabulous!!!!
  7. Its beautiful!
  8. Its a nice dress, It doesnt scream exciting to me. Does it come in any other colours ?
  9. No, it doesn't come in other colors. I wish it did! But I want a revealing back and this is the best I could come up with in such short notice. (Prom is next Saturday!)
  10. Dress it up just a little and I think it is absolutely perfect! I :heart: it, its adorable:yes:
  11. Oooh, I love it, and you can wear it other places too, so it's a smart investment. I think you'll look beautiful in this at prom!
  12. It's a gorgeous dress but for the prom? I would honestly go with something more exciting...maybe more colorful? But I'm sure that if you wear killer heels and beautiful jewelry, you'd look stunning!!!! Have fun!
  13. I think prom dresses are supposed to be full-length and formal (gowns). At least that's how it was at my high school prom a few years ago! Nice dress, but way too plain for the biggest night of high school. JMO :smile:
  14. it is kind of the same as mine. our prom is not a huge deal.. not like in the movies.. plus it is always so hot, so most of the girls wear dresses like that as opposed to gowns. My dress is similar, but with a different back, and I am planning on making it look cool with a funky pair of shoes and cool jewelry!!
  15. [​IMG]

    The one that I was planning to wear before.

    Prom is on a boat on the SF bay. I never really liked poufy full length gowns, I wore one for winterformal this year and it was so damn hard to dance in, hahaha.