Dress Suggestion

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Which dress you like the best and why?

  1. BGBG Satin Dress

  2. BCBG Silk Bronze

  3. BCBG Silk Blue

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm going to a friend's wedding on a yatch in CA this coming Saturday. It's black tie but I don't feel like wearing a gown. What do you think of these?

    1. BCBG Satin. This is on clearance sale so I can get it for around $70.

    2 & 3. Not on sale. But not too bad!

    If you have other suggestion, please say. After plane tickets, gift, hotel, etc... I only want to spend around $250 or less on a dress.

    BCBG Satin Dress.jpg BCBG Silk.jpg BCBG Silk Blue.jpg
  2. Unless you're the bridesmaid and assuming it's an evening (or partially evening) do, I'd go for the blue dress, personally. :yes:
  3. Hey, I got married on a yacht in CA too! Is it in Newport Beach? :smile:

    Anyways, I like the first one, but I do agree it's a little bridesmaid-y. The blue one is pretty! Have fun!
  4. Hi Sailornep! We meet again ;). Yes it is in Newport Beach, Electra Cruises?

    I'm not totally in love with any one of those dresses. I gained some weigh and none of the dresses I have fit so I'm getting desperate :wtf:! If I get the first one, I will pop out the flower and have the tailor take in the bottom to be more fitted.
  5. I would like the first better if it was shorter and didn't have the flower. I think it would be good at the knee.
  6. Cool! I thought your name sounded familiar (you took off the "nk" right?). I think the modifications on the pink dress would make it look nice. Let us know what you ultimately decide on! You should have fun, those cruise weddings are a blast. :smile:
  7. My vote is the blue dress.:tup:
  8. The silk dress in blue is gorgeous!! And I'm sure you can use it for other events after this wedding, so it's gonna be "practical" to boot!
  9. I like the pink one!
  10. Agreed! The pink one looks like bridesmaid style...