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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I have a wedding coming up in May (I'm attending). Hehe! And I've started to look around for my dress. So far, no luck. I figure I start looking for the dress now just in case it takes a while! So I need your help! Any suggestions? I am hoping to steer away from the little black dress and no white dress. Any help would greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Is it a daytime or evening wedding? Indoor or outdoor? How fancy?

    My standard "uniform" for weddings is a wrap dress and heels -- boring but safe. BCBG (less $$, esp. on sale) and DVF (more $$) make nice ones. You can usually find a wrap dress in a pretty print -- that, plus diamond studs and a nice necklace and coordinating heels and clutch, and you're done. Works well for daytime/outdoors.

    For evening, I've done something similar to the J. Crew Sophia dress, with a pretty wrap in a complimentary color.
    Dress here in silk chiffon -- http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Shop_By_Category/dresses/weddingsparties/PRDOVR~96454/96454.jsp
    Or here in silk tricotine -- http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Shop_By_Category/dresses/weddingsparties/PRDOVR~62983/62983.jsp
  3. I have a black tie wedding coming up in May also - at the moment am in a complete state of confusion about what to wear. I was looking at a long navy ruched duchesse strapless dress - but now I wonder if that's too dressy...

    For smart day weddings, I also rely on DvF - I have a black and white print silk chiffon dress by DvF that I wear with black patent Miu Miu open to gold heel wedges and an ivory raw silk swing jacket. I like something smart and a bit modest for day weddings.
  4. Thanks guys! I haven't checked out DvF yet, but will do! And thanks for the links! It's a night time affair, and it will be indoors. It is not a black tie event, but I think it will be a semi-dressy.

    Samhainphobia -- The wrap dress is a great idea. I didn't even think of that. Your wedding outfits are very classy and chic. Thanks!

    Bitten -- Your smart outfit for weddings....sounds absolutely divine!!
  5. Nighttime and indoors is great - no concerns about wet weather and stilettos on a grassy lawn. I'd go with something cocktail-ish...

    Include pics when you make your decision!
  6. Hi there!

    So I found 2 dresses but not totally set on them yet! Would like to know what you ladies think! I'm still looking around though. The wedding is a night time affair. It's not a black tie event....It'll be semi dressy so a cocktail dress would perfect to wear to this wedding. Please let me know if you like them or not....Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  7. ^^^I like one shouldered dresses, but not this purple one. The cut just isn't right. The other one is too short. It's OK to look totally hot, but don't wear anything too short or revealing (it's the bride's day and all attention should be on her). Here are a few (some are black, but not typical):








  8. Thanks guys! Yes, I agree with you all that the green one is too short. Thank for the links! You guys are the best! I will keep you guys posted.
  9. There is something about the dk green dress that is just sooo sexy! I really love that dress!!! Are you able to try both dresses on and take modeling pics? The purple is nice as well but i'm really in love with the green!
  10. K so i just read everyone else's comments and yea I guess the green is a tad short for a wedding.. but you should get that dress anyways and save it for a differ occasion? Can i ask who makes that dress?
  11. Hi there Mzshirls!

    Yes, the dark green dress is very sexy! It would be perfect for another occasion. The designer of that dress is called Walter. You can check the dress out at couturcandy.com. Let us know if you end getting the dress for yourself and model pics for us! The dress would look divine on you! :tup: