Dress Shoes: what kind of socks?

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  1. I just bought two pairs of very bare flats on Zappos.

    The problem I've had in the past with dress shoes is that I'd rather wear a sock type of thing on my feet to absorb moisture, but obviously that ruins the look of the shoe...thusly, my feet end up a bit moist (and stinky :yucky:) since I end up going bare.

    How do you all maintain dry, hygienic feet in dress shoes while still looking cute?

    I find that "peds" (that's what my mom calls 'em) end up peeking out of the edges, and I hate that!!! :s
  2. If I'm wearing pants or jeans I wear knee-high sheer stockings. I just buy the inexpensive ones from the grocery store and they look like you're wearing pantyhose. It gives a nice polished look.
  3. ^
    That's a great idea. That way you don't have edges peeking out over the shoe, yet you don't have to feel like you're wearing a pantyhose girdle :smile:.

    I think I'll go get some!

  4. I wear knee high or ankle sheer stockings! I also wear them with boots because i don't feel comfortable in stockings.
  5. sheer stockings for me too....though w/many pumps i tend to just go bare feet, even in winter :P only because wearing stockings make the heel of my pumps slip off much easier...
  6. Same here. You can also get toeless ones (I swear by DKNY 'the nudes' hosiery with both toe and toe-less style).

    I need hosiery because my legs are so pale all year round that they just are too day-glo with most any skirts or dresses. And even slacks too. And, even though my legs are still super pale with the hosiery, the hosiery gives my legs a nice finish.
  7. great ideas, you guys. thanks!!