Dress shirts

  1. Just wondering where I can get nice dress shirts that are fitted and compliment the body...at a reasonable price. I have PINK and D&G, but I really can't afford to have an entire wardrobe of them. Besides, I would baby them too much to actually do work. :lol: Thanks!
  2. If you want reasonably priced try the casual corner.
    Also, Brookes brother ( the outlet) has very nice oxford shirts. They fit vwery well. I can't remember the price, but the outlet prices are less than D&G I am sure. Good Luck:smile:
  3. I think Brooks Brothers cuts a little too loosely for young gals like us, personally... but would be great for a real menswear type look if you're into that. Have you tried Ralph Lauren's Slim Fit oxfords, shu?
  4. I haven't actually. I've never really looked into dress shirts or dress pants. I had ONE pair of actual pants until a month ago when I had to get clothing for work. :rolleyes: I'll check out their site now! I do like fitted shirts. Hey, at least I actually have a figure (sort of...) to show now, rather than later when I balloon up. :lol:
  5. How about H&M? Or Express?
  6. I love Express :heart: I've found some great, inexpensive dress shirts there that I've had for a couple of years, and they still look great.
  7. Doh! Totally forgot about Express! Thanks! I looked at Polo IntlSet, but I'd prefer shirts without a logo...although I do love the Lara short sleeve (almost $300 though, yikes!).