Dress Me Up!

  1. NMT0PYU_ap.jpg
  2. I love this dress but I don't think it is appropriate to wear white since it is October and very cold in New York!
  3. How about a catherine malandrino? I like these from Shopbop:
    This one is on sale for $212.50!
    All available in 0s.
  4. I like the first one! veryyy pretty
  5. i love the first one too :yes:
  6. Oh! I thought you were asking for suggestions :blush: I like the first one a lot. Do you think you'll be able to find it in your size?
  7. I am afraid of poka dots.
  8. I think I might go shopping to Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom in Garden State Plaza or the Saks and Bloomies in Riverside sq mall. ANYONE WANT TO JOIN ME?
  9. Empire dresses and loose dresses don't look good on me because I have a petite frame but very large breasts, so It ends up hanging on me or looking like I am pregnant. :sad:
  10. Nerdphanie I love your avatar, you did that on your mac didn't you? Thank you btw for all the suggestion. I would appreciate more.
  11. I really like the Elie Tahari dress! Lace is my favorite that is definitely an option.

    Here are some more tell me what you think.
    _5295425.jpg _5295428.jpg 53390_fpx.tif.jpg
  12. i was just looking at the second black dress you posted :yes: and was about to post it i think it's very cute.......but i do love the elie tahari (but then again i'm partial since i posted it :rolleyes:)
  13. That red dress is hot! :drool:
  14. love that second black dress. and thanks minnie, my avatar was done on a mac, but not mine. my 9-yr-old brother was in a bad mood when i made him come shopping with me (my parents were out of town and i had to babysit!) so i took him to the apple store and we took pics. he loved it. isn't he the cutest? :lol: actually, i guess he looks scary in that pic. sorry, so off topic. anyway, if you could find that first betsey johnson, that one's super cute too.