Dress me up!!

  1. in all of my twenty two years of existence i've never been to a wedding :crybaby: (i know....how sad) and i've been invited to my first one but i'm really not sure what to wear....i'm debating between too dresses but i'm not sure how "wedding-appriate" either one of them is.......i really have no clue how formal or casual one should be when going to a wedding so i was hoping you could help me pick a dress....and recommend decently priced accessories and shoes (any pics would be most appreicated :flowers:)...and i's really really love if anyone had any ideas for what i could wear on top since i'm a little self conscious about exposing my arms even though this is a summer wedding..oh and please keep in mind that i'm hoping to be able to reuse the dress for my school's barrister's ball :P

    Pick one......a DVF dress....not sure about the pattern and color for a wedding


    Pick two.....Michelle Mason dress....i absolutely love this (i only have access to the printed version, not the plain one as seen on carmen) but i'm not sure if the print is too hawaiian.......and also about the back......

  2. [​IMG]
  3. I love this one Jc ^^^
  4. Where is the wedding, how many people, what time (meaning is it in the evening, afternoon?) If you know this information it would narrow down how to dress.
  5. thanks prada.....i'm leaning towards that dress too :yahoo:

    and minnie the wedding's being held a little bit outside of NYC at this gorgeous place by the water....it's a mid-afternoon ceremony but it's gonna go all night....and it'll probably be a huge wedding, knowing my bf's sister :P....it'll probably be relatively formal and i'm gonna be in most of the wedding photos, which is why i need to look nice :yes:
  6. That's a really cute dress! (the second one, though it's hard to tell without seeing it on)

    One time I showed up to a totally pink and brown wedding in a black and white print with red trim. I felt like I clashed the entire time...
  7. I agree with Prada's Meadow! I love that dress!! :love:
  8. I also agree with Prada's Meadow.
  9. purly i'm soso afraid of being out of the color scheme too :Push: but i'm pretty sure she's going with blue for the bridesmaid dresses so hopefully she doesn't change her mind :P.......thanks everyone for your responses i really do love the michelle mason but i definitely need to go into major diet mode before this wedding.......my boyfriend's mother (the bride's mother) keeps pressuring me to lose weight before the wedding :yucky:

    any suggestions as to shoes?...........i'm trying to stay away from basic black since it's a summer wedding so any other color suggestions would be great :shrugs:
  10. Hi JC. I think the 2nd dress looks cute, but if you are concerned about the wedding being formal and conservative, maybe you would like this BCBG dress or a similar silhouette? BCBG is a good bet, and you can also look into Betsey Johnson (if you like tulle dresses).
  11. bubbleloba that dress is gorgeous (as are the shoes) but sadly i don't have the boobs to hold up a strapless dress plus i'm on a strict strict budget :P.....honestly i'd much rather spend less on the dress and splurge on some amazing shoes :drool:

    do u think that my dress options are too casual? i can't tell if with the right hair, makeup, and shoes they'll look formal or not :wtf:
  12. Hi jc2239, I hope school is going well! I think the DVF dress looks a little casual, but I think the other could be quite nice and look lovely at a dressy ceremony. I really like it!
  13. i've missed seeing you around the forum vanojr.....i don't get to be around nearly as much as i'd like :crybaby:but with school sucking like it does i don't relaly have a choice :s.......and hopefully you're right and the second dress will look dressy, since i'm thinking of taking the plunge and ordering it tonight :wlae:
  14. ^^aww, I've missed seeing you around too! You actually inspired me to do a little summer dress shopping of my own, since I know of at least one wedding I have to attend this summer and everything's on sale now. I'm picking up this one:


    I think it's cute!
  15. oooh that is super cute.......i love having summer events and having an excuse to buy a cute breezy dress....and it really is awesome that now that we're heading into winter all the summer stuff is on sale....the michelle mason dress i want was originally $320 and now it's only $128!! :yahoo: