Dress me like a slutty sorority girl. Sites?

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  1. I need to get this out of my system.:roflmfao: Just so that there's no ambiguity: I want to dress up like those girls that walk around in the really short skirts and the tight, cleavage-bearing tops, all from, like, Hollister or wherever. I wanna give it a whirl while I'm still young and can get away with it, and most definitely before I come to my senses. :rolleyes::P

    It's pretty easy to find sites that showcase good fashion sense, but how about a site that shows what those slutty sorority girls and high school seniors are going for? I'm seriously clueless about this stuff!
  2. lol :smile:

    Forever 21
    Fredericks of Hollywood (they have some slutty things, lol)
    Charlotte Russe

    Good luck!
  3. [​IMG]


    These will show off your butt cheeks nicely!



    Good for showing off those perky college boobs!! (Oohhh, where did mine go??? :sad: )


    Very innocent, but one poof of wind, and those little college boys will be able to see up your skirt and see your goods, lmao
  4. ^Hahaha. Yessss. Photos! ... or an ensemble that you'd suggest.:roflmfao:

    I'm being a goof, but I'm serious about this!
  5. Collegehumor.com is pretty good for finding slutty college girls. By googling "slutty college girls", all I got was a bunch of XXX websites and a funny look from Bart, LMAO!
  6. I used to go to college with this girl, Meyli. She's a car model or something now, but she used to (and still does??) wear slutty things. Here's her myspace:

  7. lol! I think your best bet would be facebook if you can find an in (you need to have a school email address I think) or maybe myspace. Or just go to any suburban mall right now and peoplewatch. Most of the sorority girls around here are wearing those ridiculously short abercrombie miniskirts that make me embarrassed for them. You know, the jean ones that wouldn't cover Kate Moss's naughty bits. Tube tops during the summer are also popular, but you have to make sure that they are just a little too tight. Anything Juicy Couture still seems to be "in". And those gauchos with really slutty heels. Seriously, the sluttier the heels, the better.
  8. wow you get $5 off of her! Did she get her assets as a grad gift? LOL<

    Turn on Charm School and you can basically see what you are looking for.
  9. Are you looking for daily wear? Or a costume for a night? If you want slutty wear, I think Fredericks.com and their clothing is your first stop. :smile:

    For costume (or slutty school girl ideas), here's a whole bunch!

    Check out Ebay too - type in "cleavage top" and you'll see a bunch of girls hawking their bodies in skimpy clothing. Click on their Ebay stores and like that, you'll be transported to slutty girl heaven!
  10. And make sure your jeans/mini skirt/shorts ride down low enough on your hips that it makes me wonder if you have been to the salon lately for a wax. Be sure to show your tanline, too!
  11. Let's just say she wasn't that big when I sat behind her in intro to Bio :graucho:
  12. You can dress on the skimpier side of sexy or even trashy without resorting to cheap and generic mall clothes, don't you think? Something like D&G (barely there, young looking, more original than mall clothes yet you won't stand out so much that you don't fit in at the mall). Some M by MJ and BCBG also would work quite well. Even American Apparel, in all its blandness, I find preferable to Abercrombie, Hollister and the like. Those stores to me just epitomize paying too much (not like their expensive but for no style or quality, its too much) just to look like you have no fashion sense. I totally get where you're coming from wanting to do something young and fun while you can but I think you can do it in a more original way than most and that you'll be happier with the overall look if you put more of yourself into it. Just my $0.02.
  13. Some Versace and Cavalli might also help, but definetly D&G. this look was more common on the runway a couple (or more lol) seasons back.
  14. Yes! I have to agree! Go young, sexy, but chic! I would definitely do these brands as opposed to the mall brands. You can show your "assets" & actually LOOK GOOD!