Dress listed as silk, but is viscose: reasonable resolution?

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  1. I read so many horror stories about unreasonable buyers that I want to make sure I'm not being one of them. I would really appreciate your opinions on my situation. :smile:

    A week ago I bought a very pretty brown dress listed as "Silk Jersey Wrap Dress." I bought it because I have a slight addiction to silk clothing, and because I liked the color & cut. I received the dress last night, excitedly tried it on, and found it to both fit beautifully and to be as elegant as in the pictures. The fabric, however, didn't feel quite right, and so I checked the tags and - to my disappointment - I discovered that the dress was 100% viscose. I double-checked the listing to make sure it didn't say "silky or silk-like, or art-silk", but - no - it clearly stated the dress was made of silk jersey, and it even said in a separate sentence that the fabric was just like the silk jersey used for DvF dresses.

    I feel like a dupe having paid for what was advertised as silk only to receive an item made of a much less luxurious fabric. The seller says in the listing she doesn't accept returns, and so I messaged her this morning to see if she'd be willing to offer me a partial refund. I was very nice & polite, as I have no reason to assume this was anything other than an honest mistake on her part.

    But would a partial refund (say 15-20%) be a reasonable resolution? What do you think? I try to put myself in the seller's shoes, and I can imagine she could think she'd still sell the dress for the same price even if she had listed it as viscose. On the other hand, the mistake in the listing isn't my fault, and I feel that if I leave it alone, I'd be rewarding false advertising (whether intentional or not.)

    Finally, just in case the seller is unresponsive, do I have grounds to file a SNAD based on difference in fabric? (Other than that, the listing was very accurate.)

    Thank you for reading this long post! I'm so grateful that I found this forum, since so many of you have experience as both buyers and sellers, and probably have a better feeling than I do as to what's honest and fair.
  2. I'd file a SNAD and ask for a full refund. Fabric content is clearly visible on the tag.
  3. Thank you for the moral support! The seller has now contacted me, and she doesn't seem to believe that the dress isn't made of silk. The argument is that this designer doesn't do viscose items. I didn't want her to have to take my word for it, so I send her a picture of the dress with the "100% viscose" tag in full view. I'm hoping this will solve the issue, but if not, I'll take your advice. I still suspect she is an honest seller, who is simply a little distrustful (maybe she got burnt on eBay before.) Let's hope my suspicion is right. :smile:

    Thanks again!
  4. Please let us know how this works out! Also, may I ask the name of the designer? I always like to do a little detective work to find out if a designer makes...[insert material here] clothing. :biggrin:
  5. Ha! The dress's label says Tocca. I wish every designer had an online inventory of their items from previous years. It'd not only be useful, but also interesting from a fashion-history perspective. :smile:

    Anyway, the seller has just contacted me offering a very reasonable, or should I even say generous, partial refund of 30% of the selling price. It seems that the picture was convincing enough. I'm very happy. Not as much about the money itself, as about the fact we were able to reach a resolution, and that the seller acknowledged her (honest) mistake in spite of her initial distrust.

    It's been an interesting experience, and quite a positive one in the end, not the least because it helped me find this forum.

    Cheers :biggrin:
  6. I am glad it worked out for you! :hugs:
  7. Well that was easy ! glad she co-operated !