Dress like a fairy (the RTW)

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  1. Check out the pretty fairy dress from the RTW collection.
    Pdress1.jpg Pdress2.jpg
  2. wow, did u buy this dress??
  3. thats so pretty...can I ask how much it was?
  4. I'm so embarrassed. I shouldn't have bought it. But I did. It's being altered as I type. Now all I need is a place to actually, y'know, wear it.

    It was an eye-popping $2990 -- a little more expensive than the LV Mahina XS that I was going to buy but now am not. I'd rather have the dress than another black bag. Just don't tell my friends in the LV thread. Promise?
  5. WoW! It's gorgeous..Congrats!
  6. WoW the dress is so beautiful!!! The pirce is serious too!!
  7. Georgeous. Deffinitly pricy, but so pretty. Where did you buy it? I really want to buy a piece from the collecton too.
  8. Twilightsky, I got it in the 5th Ave Prada. I was told that only the larger boutiques got the full range of styles and having visited the Manhasset store over the weekend, I can tell you that's true. The SoHo store should also have a good selection.

    The dress I chose is almost completely sold out. They had the one I got and and one other in a larger size (42, I think). They have pieces that are identical to the black and white fairy bags and the more colorful ones.

    The bad quality shots I took with my cell phone don't do this dress justice! The colors are stunning. I can't believe I just spent that much on a dress. Then again, I spend that much on handbags, right?

    Quick, someone find me a date!
  9. Pleas epost modeling picks once it has been tailored.
  10. OMG, I LOVE THAT! & *GASP* A Prada dress over an LV i'm disgusted! LOL It looks so pretty !
  11. <hides under pile of LV bags>
  12. You picked an absolutely beautiful dress. Congratulations & I hope you wear it soon!!
  13. I can only hope Prada in Chicago has them. Thats the closest Prada to me. Or Bal Horbour, but i wont be there till July. So who knows
  14. I truly adore that dress!
    Wow :drool:
  15. Before you find a occasion to wear it, how about post your modeling picture here? :smile: This dress is TOO pretty!!!