dress help!

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  1. i can't decide whether to spend $130 + shipping from UK for this dress:
    it's soooo cute! dilemma: i don't really wear dresses, of course i'd wear this one more, but i'm not sure if i would to justify spending that much. it also comes in grey. is it too fancy for everyday wear?
  2. It's a really small pic, so it's hard to see, but I like it! I think if it were made of a nice material, then I would get it, otherwise not.
  3. Sorry, I can't see the pic. Do you have a link to the dress? Thanks.
  4. better? (click to make bigger)
  5. That's a really cute dress! It's one of those fancy-for-day and casual-for-night types, though...if you're in love with it, I'd get it. That said, there are cute dresses everywhere.
  6. I think it's cute, wheres it from?