dress for these shoes

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  1. [​IMG]

    hi everyone,
    i am wearing these new shoes to my christmas party but i need a dress to go with them preferably under $1000. i am US size 8 and have an hourglass figure, blond hair and 5'5''. i like long sleeves and short hem lines!!

    any ideas?

  2. is the ribbon at the back is permanently attached in that pair of shoes?
  3. yes it is
  4. There are no dresses for sale that you can wear with those shoes. So, just go ahead and ship those shoes to me!:nuts:
  5. I don't have actual dress choices, but since the shoes make a strong statement, the dress should be more simple. So that it's not competing with but complimenting the shoes. I would also go with a fitted silhouette for a sexy chic look.

    I think the third dress pato posted would be fabulous with those shoes. Very classy and elegant.
  7. those shoes are HOT!!!