dress for formal

  1. i need help for a dress to wear to a "semiformal"

    im in love w/ this one, but as im probably gonna be wearing the dress only once, id rather buy something a little bit cheaper

    what do u guys think? any suggestions?


  2. i LOVE the anne klein one. you will definiately be able to wear that again....think family weddings, events in college, etc. it's a great dress.
  3. I like the first one...very unique and beautiful!
  4. I like the first one.
  5. The first one is gorgeous.
  6. i love the first one, and i also think you'll be able to wear that for longer. it looks more mature? or something, so i could see you wearing that to an evening wedding or something later on also.
  7. Both dresses are gorgeous. However, if you really don't wish to spend too much, have you looked at the dresses at Macys?


    London Times Ribbon Trim Empire Dress - $74


    And if you wish to get jewelry to go with your dress (whichever dress you decide on eventually). there are awesome, reasonably-priced jewelry on Etsy.com, such as this necklace by Kelliope:


    $36 plus shipping
  8. i like the first one! the fabric seems a lot nicer and it's really unique.
  9. Jiaga, that first dress by Necessary Objects is gorgeous! And so reasonably-priced.
  10. i love that necklace from etsy.com!! and that last bcbg dress looks SO pretty, but im iffy on it since its made out of jersey..i think im gonna go to Nordstrom and macys and check out their dress collections in person..thanks guys!
  11. I really like the Anne Klein one but I prefer the Maria Bianca Nero because it's just a better dress in style and I prefer the colour. Find out what suits you best I suppose. You probably will end up wearing it again for some event. At the other end of the price range is the Necessary Objects dress someone else in the thread linked to, which I think is the other best option!! Hope it's a good night!
  12. I have had quality issues with Anne Klein in the past and generally find her line to be not worth the retail price (though it can frequently be found at good sale prices). Necessary Objects definitely offers a more affordable alternative and I don't find that much of a difference in the quality of product between the two (certainly not enough to justify spending three times as much for a one time use).

    I also some similar cuts from OC by Oleg Cassini on Smartbargains.com on sale for about $50 a pop. I have never worn that brand before, though, or seen it in person so I am not sure how it would hold up. Also, if you are interested in purchasing, PM me and I will send you an email for an additional 25% off your order. I was unable to post the link here without providing my account info for the world to see.
  13. I love the anne klein in the maize color!