Dress for a wedding.

  1. I am thinking about getting this one for a wedding in June. What do you guys think? Is it appropriate to wear it to a reception?

  2. It's really cute. I don't know why it wouldn't be appropriate. I'm going to a wedding in July and I'm looking for a dress too.
  3. Absolutely appropos! and very cute! Send us pictures of you wearing it!
  4. IT's a very cute dress
  5. oh i love the style and colour of the dress! that colour looks great on pale AND tan skin...and i think it'd be perfect for a summer wedding.

    personally, i bought a red and white patterned strapless from Zara and white Lalos to go to my cousin's wedding in June.

    Have you thought about shoes to go with this cute dress?
  6. It's perfect for a summer wedding.
  7. i got that for a wedding too!!!!
    then my best friend told me the wedding would be in a bery elegant place(a castle), so i had to change the outfit and in the end i wore a very elegant black dress with Miu Miu glittered sandals....
    now i hope i'll find another chance to wear the MJ dress....that's too cute!!!:biggrin::yes:

    good choice!:flowers:
  8. Thanks.

    That dress is no longer on their website. I wanted to show a friend the dress this morning so I went to the "History" folder to show her the picture. That's how I found out it's on sale.