Dress Code, Uniform, or Anything Goes ??

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  1. Im in a Profession where I can wear what I want for work. (Anything goes )

    How about you ? what is your work dress code ?

    What would you prefer ?

    Why ?
  2. I now work from home so I get to wear whatever I want...or nothing at all! LMAO! Trust me, I wear clothes but it just might be PJ's if it's really early in the morning! ;)
  3. I'm a stay at home Mom so obviously I can choose. . .
    but I tend to choose the same thing most days so I call it my uniform!:lol:
    Denim capris and a stretchy tee in bright colors!
  4. I have to wear either a black or white button up, or collared shirt. Paired with dressy khaki or black pants, with dress shoes that are either brown or black. Oh, and I have to wear the bath and body works apron- it's very slimming so I don't mind- lol.

    I like it, that way I can get away with not having tons of work clothes. :-P

    Obviously I look foward to having a job where I can be much more creative with my wardrobe- but for now I'm happy being an SA that has to stick with the rules.
  5. Oh! You get discounts at victoria's secret, right?

    I'm a student...so I wear whatever :]
  6. I'm a student, so I live in jeans and tee a lot. I try to dress nicely, though. Um... sometimes!!! lol When I'm home, I'm always in PJs or tanktops and yoga pants.
  7. mmhmm, I get 30% at bath and body works and 20% at express and victorias secret. It's not the greatest discount, buuuuut it comes in handy when buying stuff- and it helps to justify purchasing the PINK clothes. ;)
  8. Here at work, we can wear whatever we want, provided it can pass off as nice clothing... Although I did get away with wearing ripped jeans for a couple of weeks lol.
  9. We can pretty much wear anything at work, so long as it's clean and without holes (words of our President). When we have special guests or donors coming to our office, we are required to look really nice.
  10. I'm a Registered Nurse, so I get to wear navy blue scrubs/sneakers everyday. I love my job and I practically wear pajamas to work lol. Can't wear a lot of jewelry to work though. But I always carry a nice big tote bag for my paperwork/stethoscope, etc. I have large burberry, brighton, and coach totes that I use for work. They are my simpler bags but I still get compliments.
  11. Our dress code is business casual. Open toe shoes are acceptable, jeans only on Friday.
  12. I work in a pre-school so basically its your own clothes with a bright blue work fleece over :s I tend to wear a t-shirt jeans and trainers as everything just gets covered in paint/glue/sand etc.
  13. We own a small car lot in Fl. Sometimes I get down and dirty and detail a filthy car. My "uniform" is usually jeans, shorts and a tee. When I was a dog groomer, it was much of the same. I don't think I ever had to dress for work. My husband had to wear a suit and tie for yrs. When he started the business, he grew his hair down his back, put on a Harley tee and jeans and has never been happier.
  14. Business casual at work, and whatever I want for school. Some Fridays at work we can wear jeans, and I do enjoy that, although it may be because its friday and not because of the jeans.
  15. I am a freelance court reporter. I always wear business attire.