Dreamy new wedges...have you heard of this brand?

  1. While on a date with my boyfriend last night (and while wearing my one and only pair of CL Bruges pumps) we ended up at the shoe department at Nordstrom. Needless to say my feet were a bit tender, but that never keeps me from shooping for more shoes. I found these adorable funky wedges and the SA insisted I try them on. She said I would be amazed at how comfy 4" wedges can feel. They are from Natural Comfort (which sounds like a brand my grandmother would wear, I know). The insole is covered with a 3/8" layer of memory foam. They are like standing on pillows. No kidding?


    They are sooooo comfortable!!! I'm in love. So I bought them (in black) and wanted to wear the rest of the evening but they are not a great match for skinnies. They will be gorgeous with gauchos or the right skirt. They also come in red, but I resisted....but I reeeeeally like the red one's, too.

    I know these aren't for everyone, but what do you think about my new wedgies?:angel:
  2. cute! I'm not sure what I would wear with--but I'm intrigued by walking on pillows
  3. Hmm...cute but I personally would not buy them.
    They do sound very comfy though!
    If you don't mind me asking, how much were they?
  4. I am looking for a great pair of comfortable but flattering heels....can you post a photo of you wearing them? Thanks!
  5. $119 and worth every penny.:wlae:
  6. I would love to. My digital camera took a spill a few weeks ago, but I am hoping my boyfriend surprises me with a new one very soon.:yahoo:
  7. Oh that's not bad at all!:smile:
  8. Are all the shoes by Natural Comfort comfortable? I'm always looking for comfy platform shoes! I like them but would love to see them on!
  9. Zacorey ~ I have only tried on two styles from Natural Comfort. The other style has a lower platform but a higher wedge. They were equally as comfy, I assure you. I chose the chunky style because I love platforms. Here is the other style I tried.

    Here is a style available at Jildor which I think looks beautiful, but I have not seen them in person.
  10. Interesting. Not really my type of shoe, but I'm sure you wear them well. I'm not really into the material. Maybe if they were leather I would jump on them.
  11. They look really comfrotable
  12. The red would look hot with my new red bag! We don't have Nordstrom's here yet (they are opening right near me next month). I saw them online by using google! I may order online! Are they true to size? I usually get a 9 (sometimes 8.5). I will tower over my husband! LOL
  13. I'm wearing these today, and I'm loving every minute in them. They are really cute with my gray plaid gauchos. I hope Natural Comfort decides to come out with a whole selection of cute and styish shoes with these foam insoles.

    I wonder why some of the designers can't figure out a way to incorporate softer insoles. I am convinced that men do ALL of the shoe designing while we're left to wear them.

  14. Those are cute! I may have to try them on because they look so soft & pillowy!
  15. shoeangel, do you think you could post a photo of yourself wearing these? I'm typically a high heeled chica but I need a comfortable (but cute) pair of walking shoes and think these would be great!