Dreamy fell down the stairs :(

  1. Well...actually it was me (clumsy girl) who fell down the stairs, while carrying her.

    I actually made a pretty decent landing - on both hands and feet. I guess my martial arts training paid off! I have a sore wrist, but I think I will live. Oh...and I broke a fingernail. But to my horror, poor Dreamy went tumbling down the concrete steps on her face! :shocked: I feel like a bad Bbag mama - the first day I carried her, I tossed her down the stairs!:crybaby:

    Thankfully, she held up pretty well. I can't find any damage to the leather, which was my first concern. One of Dreamy's brass studs got scraped on one corner, but that little bit of shinyness sort of adds to her character. And now I know why those studs are there! It definitely protected the leather from getting scraped up.

    Now, I just have to be more careful...:s
  2. hehe, i'm glad to hear Dreamy and her owner are doing well.
  3. Oh, hippiechic, you must almost had a heartattack!!! I am glad YOU are okay without major injury! But I understand your feeling. Similar thing happened to my LV bag and I was more worried about the bag than my bleeding knee...
  4. awwww... hope dreamy & mommy are both okay ^_^"
  5. I am glad you are both all right. I was scared there for a minute. I have a feeling you both will make a great recovery!!
  6. So glad to know you are all right. Dreamy is a tough cookie; she can survive some hard knocks but her mom is more fragile.
  7. Sorry to hear about your tumble - but glad to hear that you and your bag are okay.
  8. phew! glad to hear you're both okay!
  9. That may be true! But I'd have cried if my brandy-new $$$$$$ bag had gotten a big scrape, or worse - a tear in the leather. :hysteric:
  10. Glad to hear you made it out ok :smile:
    and glad 2 hear ur purse didn't get hurt.a small scratch is no biggie ;)
  11. sorry about the fall but glad that you and ur bag is okay! hope ur sore wrist gets 100% better!
  12. Just glad to hear you and your bbag are ok...just try to be more careful next time :yes: