Dreamy December Gifts & Purchases!

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  1. :yahoo:Happy December everyone!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful Holiday month ahead, filled with lots of gorgeous LV purchases for yourself and/or your loved ones! Can't wait to see your beautiful gifts in the stunning new Christmas wrapping!! Cheers:drinks:
  2. Yes, you too MyBelongs to Louis! Can’t wait to see all the gorgeous goodies in December!
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  3. Since no one's shared any December goodies yet, I'll share a snippet of our décor this Christmas season: 2019 theme Marie Antoinette:heart:

    Starting with this 9ft. hallway poster, courtesy of Vogue: IMG_1756.jpeg
    IMG_1792.jpeg IMG_1804.jpeg IMG_1816.jpeg
    Missing: Marie Antoinette tree-topper doll, lots of LV gifts;)
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  4. Wow! This stunning and a great idea!
  5. Thanks hun! Sorry pics aren't more clear - hope you can still see the yummy macaroons;) Just gave me the idea to replicate her Macaroon towers...
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  6. May I start?
    Here is my multicolor Brazza Wallet.
    I love it so much! inCollage_20191202_185103547.jpg inCollage_20191202_185201487.jpg
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  7. Speedy 30 with new charm I purchased last month! Can’t wait till my new girl gets some color she awfully pale lol I don’t want to put anything on it to speed the process up, so I’ll patiently wait.

    Attached Files:

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  8. My goodness, your tree is just so beautiful (I am declaring it Christmas Tree of the Year!!!). I absolutely love the colors (very you indeed :smile:). The rest of your decorations (even your wrapping paper!) are so pretty as well. You have some serious decorating skills. Thanks for sharing V :smile:
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  9. Congrats on your new epi beauty - thanks for posting!:smile:
    What a LVoely classic handbag addition:heart: I love the Paris charm too, makes a great pairing. Congratulations!
    :blush: Thank you so much, sweet IM!! I'm touched that you think my humble tree is worthy of such praise:love:
    You know me so well: this colour scheme totally emphasizes my two favourite colours (yellow & pink). LOL I think decorating can become a slippery slope once you start - just like our LV addiction...
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  11. Tq!
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  12. Can't stop! Wanted to get one last bag in for 2019.

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  13. Amazing! Congrats on your new empreinte beauty. Love the PM!:drinks:
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  14. Thanks! I had one in reverse mono and sold it as I never used it, but in black I think it will work better for me.
  15. love this - congrats!!
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