DREAMY 04 Seafoam First

  1. Very pretty! Good luck Amour! =)
  2. GORGEOUS :nuts: ! I really like this color :heart: ... and the condition seems to be perfect :yahoo:

    Good luck with your sale 'N' sweety :flowers: :love:
  3. ^^ thanks ladies! ;)

    i've added an option wherein buyers can use their CC to pay me..yahoooo...i just recently discovered it :smile:
  4. best of luck Amour she's gorgeous (as all your bags are)
  5. Good Luck Amour :flowers:
  6. Too gorgeous!! Good luck hon!
  7. thank you all ladies!;)

    i hope this baby finds a new loving home..i'll surely miss her:crybaby:
  8. Good Luck!!! It is a beautiful Bag!!!
  9. I just bought it :nuts:

    Now i really MUST sell my skyblue City & coin pouch, and turquoise mini twiggy.. to make up for it!!
  10. Congratulations, Beverly!!!! :yahoo:
    it's sooo beautiful:heart:
  11. Aw, it's already gone. Congrats Amour & Beverly!!
  12. I am sooo relieved it's gone. It's perfect and I think I might have BIN'd it and I don't have the money! Cograts Beverly and Amour!
  13. thank you all ladies for the well-wishes! :love:

    B- congrats girl...I am so happy that this baby will go to a lovely PFer:smile: :yahoo:
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