Dreams with your B Bags

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  1. So I had a scary dream last night. It involved a B Bag. I wanted to know if any of you dream about your babies?

    I think it would be great for all of us to share our dreams about our bags, we talk about them enough, so we must be dreaming of them as well?

    Here is mine from last night:

    I was part of some group and we were in downtown Toronto at some hotel conference, and it really wasn't Toronto, it was different. So apparently I got a box of red dyed eggs and put it in my black twiggy (i don't even own this!). So why I did this, I have no idea, however naturally some of the eggs cracked and smeared all in the purse. All of a sudden I realized the bottom of the bag seperated. The stitching came loose and the bag had a giant hole. So i had to go in some bubble elevator (which was just as akward as it sounds) and go to Holt Renfrew and ask if they could fix it. The lady told me they will try and they had some policy that if they can't fix it, they willreplace it with a newer model for the season(HA! YA RIGHT! I WISH!!)

    I don't know what any of this means, I don't really care, I just thought it was funny that I dreamt putting eggs in my purse that I don't own.
  2. i usually only remember the part of my dreams right before i wake up :sleepy:

    last week i remember before waking up for my 830 class i was literally swimming in a rouge vif courier :hrmm: :true:

    it's currently my dream bag, but i never thought it would enter my actual dreams, or rather that i would enter one in my actual dreams...
  3. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. it's not a dream, but along the same vein,
    I am repainting a wall - changing it from Blue India to Griege
  5. haha i love this thread. i tend to dream about things when they become really important to me...or when i am worried about something expensive or rare being damaged. i am sure as i get closer to xmas and my BI day being MINE MINE MINE i will start to dream about ruining it or somehow opening the box and having it morph into something else.

    LOVE the 'bubble elevator' idea. gotta love weird dreams.
  6. I had a dream about B-bags like 2 wks ago but it was more like a nightmare. :Push: I dreamed that I was stressing over something so I started picking up random colorful B-bags and forcefully splitting the tassels into twos. :wtf: I even remember the feeling of playing with the tassels when I woke up the next day. :death:

    But I love my b-bags... I don't know why I had that aweful dream... :crybaby:Maybe it's telling me to replace my split tassels? :shrugs:
  7. I had a dream or two about owning one (that is before I actually owned one) and at that time, I was obsessing about how it would feel being carried. I thought I was a little insane for actually dreaming about a b-bag. I never wanted something so badly!

    OK.. this feels like confession!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. lol i wanted to bump this because i had a b-bag dream last nite...:P

    the details are somewhat hazy now, but basically i was at some sort of b-bag gathering and bal had setup this table with all this stuff on sale like at outlet prices. in the dream nothing looked QUITE RIGHT and they had a lot of old looking styles and stuff, but i was so excited. they had all these coin purses in 2 baskets and they even sold balenciaga underwear :wtf: ....they had wallets and compagnons and cp's mostly..it was mostly accessories. and the wallets were like $26.

    anyway i woke up to my alarm just as i was trying to narrow down my purchases, i remember thinking 'wow that alarm just saved me from spending a serious amount of money here'...HAH. :graucho:
  10. ^^^ hahaha i need to come into your dream! I like those prices!
  11. Just the other night I dreamt that I was searching for Balenciaga bags on eBay and a Caramel Flat Brass Hobo came up with a Buy It Now for a steal of a deal...but right before I could click the button it was already sold to another bidder.

    I was so upset, but then another Flat Brass bag came up when I refreshed my search. It didn't have a BIN, so I emailed the seller and before I got a response it had sold with a BIN to someone else.

    This see 'em, want 'em, miss 'em by seconds went on and on with a total of like 10 rare bags...so I guess it was more of a nightmare than dream. I spend a crazy amount of time haunting eBay looking for those rare finds that I find in stores anymore. I'm totally obsessed and somewhat disturbed by it.
  12. what the hell did you eat before you went to bed?:nuts:
  13. ^ I think it was pizza and beer...bitter beer that soured my consciousness.

  14. well there ya go then, no more beer before bed!

    I had hot wings about any hour before I went to bed one night last week and I had all sorts of bad dreams all rolled into one it seemed! holy cow! I dont even like hot wings. But they were there, you know how it is.:nuts:
  15. i dream of bbags all the time ... haha