Dreams of Coach...-

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  1. Ladies-

    Do you ever dream of Coach?

    I had the funniest dream yesterday morning.

    I dreamt that I was in a dept. store with the BF and we were looking through stuff and he yells,
    "OMG, is that the bag you've been looking for?"

    And I say, "Yes! That's the Sand Twill!"

    And he says, "Cathy I thought they were no longer made! It must be the last one made. Grab it quick!"

    And then in real life my alarm started ringing and I could hear it through into my dreams.

    So in my dream I say to my BF, "OMG, baby the alarm is going off, I won't be able to buy the bag!"

    And he says, "Nono, you go buy the bag and I'll go handle the alarm."

    And then he takes off after the alarm and me towards the counter...then...I woke up. LOLLL.

    I've never heard of a Sand Twill bag, but I know it had to be Coach.

    The SO got a laugh out of it. Just wanted to share with you ladies =)

    Any of you have Coach Dreams?
  2. I just LOL. Too funny!
  3. wow.
    I never wanted to ever admit it, but yes I have dreamt of Coach! lol.
  4. Yes, the other day I was dreaming of the bag I didn't win from eBay. Never thought I would see the day that I would prefer handbag dreams over hot men dreams..lol
  5. I do too. As a matter of fact, there have been one or two nights recently when i've woken up and told DH, "I'm having visions of Coach dancing through my head." Usually it happens the night before I'm planning a purchase.
  6. that's hysterical.. I can totally see it happening to me.. :smile:
  7. That's so funny.
  8. Great dream!! I had a dream recently that I was shopping at the Coach boutique and I chose a bag. The SA went in the back to get it for me and told me it was all sold out and I couldn't have the one on the floor so I chose another one. Same story. I finally chose a third and they had it but when they were ringing it up I noticed that there was a big hole in the bottom of the bag. Talk about a nightmare!!:shocked:
  9. LOL, That IS a nightmare!
  10. LOL PyAri!:lol:
    I mean, we discuss Coach SO much here, its hard to to have it embedded in your subconcious!
  11. Very true!!!
  12. Lol funny,i had them from time to time XD the only bad thing is that i had them about winning some bag and a lot of coach accesories and then when i wake up i get like meh,because it was just a dream lol ^^
  13. I was afraid to admit it too but i have. LOL!!!!
  14. That's hilarious, PyAri!

    Just the other night, I dreamt that i was in Coach looking around and saw that the ocelot scarves were out. I was so excited and grabbed one right away and started trying it on. I was disappointed when I woke up and realized I'll have to wait another few weeks for my scarf :p .
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I've had Coach dreams, too!! I'm SO glad I'm not alone. :lol: