Dreams do come true! My new Vert d'eau city!!!!!

  1. I ripped open that box faster than a kid at Christmas! I am beyond thrilled. The leather is like '05 leather, ridiculously soft and smooshy. The color is insanely gorgeous in person. Pics do not do it justice.... I am in love. Thank you misstotty and verty for pursuadeing me to get her. Your wonderful pics convinced me that I could not live w/ out her. BTW, HGBAGS is THE best seller! Thank you!

  2. yummy! congrats on a gorgeous bag.
  3. :nuts: Score!
  4. congrats!!! I just got one the other day!!! YAY US!
  5. sooo pretty! :yes: CONGRATS!
  6. Congrats shasta. It looks great on you.:yahoo:
  7. She looks so good on you! Congrats!
  8. i love it, congrats! looks so good on you too!!
  9. congrats!!!! its such a pretty color!
  10. Just Gorgeous! I want one now! :love:
  11. Its a beauty, congrats!
  12. :yahoo: CONGRATS! She's gorgeous & she looks GREAT on you!

    And I agree, pictures really do not do vert d'eau any justice. The color is just so gorgeous IRL, and although the leather on mine was initially thin/dry after only 3 wears she's INSANELY soft, smooshy and she feels "thick". I don't know how it happend, but it did :drool:
  13. gorgeous color! it's just perfect for spring! congrats, it's an awesome bag
  14. You are too cute! Love your (growing) city collection! That's my favorite style, too. I have only cities.
  15. BEAUTIFUL!:love:Congrats!:yes: